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OHS Advance Search

NOTE: When performing a search, you can enter any words or string of words you wish. The andor and not operators, can be used to narrow or broaden searches. To search for a phase that may contain any of the above operators, enclose the phase in quotes (i.e. "agencies and programs"). Searches are case sensitive. For best results use all lower case.

Search Helpers:
For more advanced searches please look over the categories below.

Wildcards and Truncation
The characters ? and * can be used for Wildcards
? can be used for any one specific character
* can be used for zero or more characters
          memor* to get memories, memory, memorial
          memor? to get memory

Proximity Searching
Proximity searching can be used to find items with words within a particular range of each other.

<Near> -- selects documents containing specific search terms. Items whose search terms are not within 1000 words of each other are not included in search results.
          memorial <near> soldiers

-- selects items that include all the words you specify which are within the same paragraph. To search for three or more words, you must use the paragraph operator between each word.

          memorial <paragraph> soldiers
          memorial <paragraph> soldiers <paragraph> military


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