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Adjutant General Records Series Finding Aids

Records Series Finding Aids


Agency: Sec. of State
Division: Elections
Series 2519
Series Title: Democratic and Republican Central Committee membership lists, 1974-1980

Description: The secretary of state holds membership lists of Democratic and Republican Central Committees from counties in Ohio. The membership lists contain the ward and precinct of the members on the committee. Most of the counties from Ohio are represented. There are no reports from Seneca and Gallia Counties in the 1974 - 1978 Republican committees. There is also no reports from Union County in the 1976 - 1978 Democratic committee. In addition to the membership committee lists there are letters to the secretary of state from various Democratic and Republican committees around the state. Democratic memoranda, correspondences, Republican rules of committees and new appointed Republican members are also included.

1.0 cu. ft. The lists are arranged by county within the year.


3,520 1 Democratic Central Committee, Adams - Logan Counties, June, 1974-76 2 Democratic Central Committee, Lorain - Wyandot Counties, June, 1974-76 3 Republican Central Committee, Adams - Hamilton Counties, June, 1974-76 4 Republican Central Committee, Hancock - Wyandot Counties, June, 1974-76 5 Democratic Central Committee, Adams - Guernsey Counties, June, 1976-78 6 Democratic Central Committee, Hamilton - Muskingum counties, June 1976-78 7 Democratic Central Committee, Noble - Wyandot Counties, June, 1976-78 8 Republican Central Committee, Adams - Gallia Counties, June, 1976-78 9 Republican Central Committee, Geauga - Miami Counties, June, 1976-78 10 Republican Central Committee, Monroe - Wood Counties, June, 1976-78 11 Democratic Central Committee, Adams - Erie Counties, June, 1978-80 12 Democratic Central Committee, Fairfield - Lucas Counties, June, 1978-80 13 Democratic Central Committee, Madison - Wyandot Counties, June, 1978-80 14 Republican Central Committee, Adams - Franklin Counties, June, 1978-80 15 Republican Central Committee, Fulton - Medina Counties, June, 1978-80 16 Republican Central Committee, Meigs - Wyandot Counties, June, 1978-80 17 Democratic Committee appointed members for counties, 1978-79 18 Democratic committee letters, 1978-79 19 Democratic committee letters, 1979-80 20 Democratic correspondences from secretary of state, 1978-80 21 Democratic memoranda to secretary of state, 1978-80 22 Rules of the state and executive committee, June, 1978 23 Republican appointed committee members for counties, 1978-80 24 Republican committee letters, 1978-79 25 Republican committee letters, 1979-80

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