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Adjutant General Records Series Finding Aids

Records Series Finding Aids


Agency: Adjutant General
Division: Civil War
RG no. 745
Series: 2445
Series Title: Furlough papers, 1862-1865

Description: The Adjutant General's office maintained and later collected records documenting Ohio's efforts and the Adjutant General's office's responsibilities for raising, assigning, supplying, and keeping track of Ohio troops during the Civil War. A soldier received a furlough to allow him to recover from wounds or illness, and to attend to family emergencies in Ohio. Entries were made on printed or handwritten forms. Information contained in these forms includes: date furlough form signed; soldier's name, age, physical description, occupation, place of birth, where and when enlisted, term of service, rank, company, and regiment; ailment, wound, or other reason for furlough; date furlough granted; length of furlough; camp or hospital furloughed from; location of soldier's company or regiment; and regimental commanding officer's or appropriate surgeon's signature.

1 cu ft. The Adjutant General's office maintained a large quantity of records that it generated or received pertaining to Ohio's efforts during the Civil War. After the end of the war, the Adjutant General also collected records from regiments and individual soldiers further documenting Ohio's efforts as well as the Adjutant General's office's efforts during the war. The Adjutant General stored these records beneath the Statehouse or at the Columbus Armory. Later, the Adjutant General transferred its collection of Civil War records to the State Archives. The original order and arrangement for many of the Civil War era records that were loose or unbound, of which series 2445 is one, was lost. The furlough papers are arranged first by the three categories of Ohio regiments: infantry, artillery, and cavalry. Within each of these categories the furlough papers are arranged by regiment number.




50,553	1		1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry	

	2		2nd OVI	

	3		3rd OVI	

	4		4th OVI	

	5		5th OVI	

	6		6th OVI	

	7		7th OVI	

	8		8th OVI	

	9		11th OVI	

	10		12th OVI	

	11		13th OVI	

	12		14th OVI	

	13		15th OVI	

	14		16th OVI	

	15		17th OVI	

	16		18th OVI	

	17		19th OVI	

	18		20th OVI	

	19		21st OVI	

	20		22nd OVI	

	21		23rd OVI	

	22		24th OVI				

	23		25th OVI	

	24		26th OVI	

	25		27th OVI	

	16		28th OVI	

	27		29th OVI	

	28		30th OVI	

	29		31st OVI	

	30		32nd OVI	

	31		33rd OVI	

	32		34th OVI	

	33		35th OVI	

	34		36th OVI	

	35		37th OVI	

	36		38th OVI	

	37		40th OVI	

	38		41st OVI	

	39		42nd OVI	

	40		43rd OVI	

	41		44th OVI	

	42		46th OVI	

	43		47th OVI	

	44		48th OVI	

	45		49th OVI	

	46		53rd OVI	

	47		54th OVI	

	48		55th OVI

	49		56th OVI	

	50		57th OVI	

	51		58th OVI	

	52		59th OVI	

	53		60th OVI	

	54		61st OVI	

	55		62nd OVI	

	56		64th OVI	

	57		65th OVI	

	58		66th OVI	

	59		67th OVI	

	60		68th OVI	

	61		69th OVI	

	62		70th OVI	

	63		71st OVI	

	64		72nd OVI	

	65		73rd OVI	

	66		74th OVI	

	67		75th OVI	

	68		76th OVI	

	69		77th OVI	

	70		78th OVI	

	71		79th OVI	

	72		80th OVI	

	73		81st OVI	

	74		82nd OVI	

	75		91st OVI	

	76		93rd OVI	

	77		94th OVI	

	78		95th OVI	

	79		96th OVI	

	80		98th OVI	

	81		101st OVI	

	82		102nd OVI	

	83		110th OVI	

	84		113th OVI	

	85		114th OVI	

	86		115th OVI	

	87		116th OVI	

	88		121st OVI	

	89		123rd OVI	

	90		135th OVI	

	91		153rd OVI	

	92		1st Ohio Battery Ohio Volunteer Artillery	

	93		2nd Ohio Battery OVA	

	94		3rd Ohio Battery OVA	

	95		4th Ohio Battery OVA	

	96		5th Ohio Battery OVA	

	97		8th Ohio Battery OVA	

	98		9th Ohio Battery OVA	

	99		10th Ohio Battery OVA	

	100		12th Ohio Battery OVA	

	101		13th Ohio Battery OVA	

	102		14th Ohio Battery OVA	

	103		15th Ohio Battery OVA	

	104		16th Ohio Battery OVA	

	105		19th Ohio Battery OVA	

	106		Zouave Rangers Ohio Volunteer Infantry	

	107		1st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry	

	108		2nd Regiment OVC	

	109		3rd Regiment OVC	

	110		4th Regiment OVC	

	111		5th Regiment OVC	

	112		6th Regiment OVC	

	113		Out-of-state soldiers	

	114		Unassigned soldiers

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