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Adjutant General Records Series Finding Aids

Records Series Finding Aids


Agency: Adjutant-General
Division: Quartermaster General
Series: l483
Series Title: Returns, abstracts and vouchers for administrative equipment, 89th regiment, OVI, l86l-l865

Description: Quartermaster general records include abstracts, invoices, receipts, reports, requisitions, returns, and vouchers issued to officers or enlisted men of the 89th regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and also the quantity of stores on hand.

1 cu. ft., arranged by subject.



Location/Fold           RECORDS DESCRIPTION	                
52,46 l Invoices and purchases prior to regiment formation, l86l 2 Roll of employed on extra duty, l862-63 3 Return of quartermaster stores, l86l-64 4 Abstract "A," articles purchased, l863 5 Vouchers to abstract "D", l863 6 List of stores received, l86l-64 7 Quartermaster general, forage, l86l-64 8 Requisition for forage, l863 9 Requistition for forage, l86l-64 l0 Forage to public animals, l86l-64 ll Abstract of stationary, l86l-65 l2 Requisitions for stationary, l86l-65 l3 Special requisitions, l863-64 l4 Abstract "L," quartermaster stores, l863-64 l5 Abstract "L," quartermaster stores, l863-64 l6 Articles lost or destroyed, l86l-64 l7 Articles lost or destroyed in public service, l86l-64 l8 Return of camp and garrison equipage, l862-64 l9 Abstract "A," purchases for construction of prisons, l864 20 Abstract "B," expenditures for construction of prisons, l862 21 Abstract "E," quartermaster stores, l863 22 Abstract "L," stores expended, l863-64 23 Abstract "M," stores transferred, l86l-l86 24 Abstract "N," list of articles manufactured and found, l863 25 Abstract of extra issues to troops, l863 26 Abstract of issues to volunteers, l862-63 27 Abstract of issues to hospitals, l862-63 28 Abstract of privisions issued, l863 29 Abstract of purchases for subsistence of the army, l863 30 Affidavit of stores lost, l864 3l Boards of survey, l86l-64 32 Camp Putnam returns, l86l 33 Company savings of supplies, l86l-64 34 General orders received, l863 35 Inspection of report of quartermaster property, l86l-65 36 Invoices of subsistence stores, l862-63 37 List of commissary stores transferred, l863 38 Monthly summary statement of funds, l862 39 Quarterly subsistance reports, l862 40 Receipts for funds, l86l-64 4l Return of commissary property, l862 42 Receipts of quartermaster supplies, l862-64 43 Return of provisions, l862-63 44 Return of quartermaster stores, l862-64 45 Receipts of expenditure for labor, l862 46 Rolls of extra duty men in commissary, l862 47 Sales to officers, l862-63 48 Affidavits of officers, l86l-65 49 Statements of funds received, disbursed and transferred,l863

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