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Ohio Veteran's Home
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Ohio Veteran's Home
3416 Columbus Avenue
Sandusky, Ohio 44970
(419) 625-2454

After a member of the Grand Army of the Republic noticed in 1885, that many of the veterans of the Civil War were residing in the county infirmaries, and after contacting Governor Joseph B. Foraker, to their plight, actions began to obtain relief for this situation. In 1887, the Governor promised that he would do anything that he could to fix this problem. After receiving the governor's comments, the leaders of the GAR, a movement began to raise money for the construction of a permanent soldiers' home. A bill was presented to the General Assembly for funding of the home sponsored by two Civil War veterans serving in each body of the Legislature. The legislation received universal support, and by January 30th, an act was passed establishing the Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Home. It provided that all honorably discharged soldiers and sailors who had served the United States Government in any of its wars, and who are citizens of Ohio at the time of making application for admission would qualify for residence at the home. Governor Foraker appointed the Board of Trustees whose first job was to find a location for the home. By July, 1886, the location, one mile south of the city limits of Sandusky was selected and, work on the limestone buildings began later that year. Included at the facility is a library, a hospital, a grand army assembly hall, an officers' row, eighteen buildings of dormitories and various other buildings, forty-one in total. The home was opened on the 19th of November, 1888. Some of the early residents included veterans who fought in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and the Mexican War. Today, the home is still a functioning facility for Ohio's veterans.

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