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Treasurer of State Records Series Finding Aids

Treasurer of State
30 East Broad Street, 9th floor
Columbus, Ohio 43266
(614) 466-2160

The Constitution of Ohio states that there shall be a Treasurer for the state, who is elected by the people of the state, and who will serve a the state's chief fiscal and investment officer. The responsibilities of the office include the collection, protection and investment of public funds. The officer receives and processes all payments to the state for taxes , fees and licenses authorized by the Ohio General Assembly, and receives other monetary payments from other state agencies who are charged to collect specific taxes. The treasurer maintains various state accounts and processes payment of all state warrants for claims and expenses incurred in the operation of state government. He or she also maintains funds for the payment of warrants; maintains the funds of several commissions and the Bureau of Employment Services, the State Teachers and School Employees Retirement System, the Highway Patrol Pension Fund, the Police and Fireman's pension and Disability Fund, and various other agency funds.

The treasurer also is responsible for and manages various state and federal funds as well as invests various funds for the benefit of the state. The treasurer also is a member of the Sinking Fund Commission, which administers the sale and redemption of voter-authorized bonded debt, and serves as a member of the Ohio Public Facilities Commission, which administers the bond programs that fund capital improvements for higher education , mental health and parks facilities. This officer also is responsible for: investing the state's money, issuing Infrastructure Improvement Bonds for backing the Ohio College Savings Bonds; purchasing Federal Home Loan bonds from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, so that the funds can be competively offered to FHLB member banks in the state, for loan to qualified citizens; and linking deposits to the Linked Deposits Programs for both small business owners and agriculture offering reduced-rate financing to both groups as needed during the year.

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