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Secretary of State Records Series Finding Aids

Secretary of State
30 East Broad Street, 14th floor
Columbus, Ohio 43266
(614) 466-4980

The office of Secretary of State as stated in the Ohio Constitution of 1802, was an appointive office. By the Constitution of 1851, it changed into an elective office. The office is charged with several responsibilities including: elections and election boards; issuing commissions to elected state and county officials and to judges of appellate, common pleas, probate, municipal and county courts; publishes numerous pamphlets and books on state related topics; files rules and regulations of all state departments, boards, agencies and commissions; is a member of the reapportionment board, after specific census; is responsible after certain census, to notify each municipal corporation concerning its classification as a city or a village as well as county population figures are certified to the various authorities in each county; is Custodian of all laws and resolutions passed by the General Assembly, as well as the recorded journals of the House and Senate; is responsible to compiles and prints the Ohio laws and distributes them to the various counties of the state. The general corporation laws of Ohio require all corporations, both for profit and nonprofit, file articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State, who, if they are in order, issues a corporate charter of operation in Ohio.

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