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Ohio History is the scholarly journal of the Ohio Historical Society. Now in print for more than 100 years, the journal is an essential tool for researchers of Ohio and the Middle West. We are pleased to make available to you online a comprehensive archive of the journal, including text, footnotes, and images published from 1887 to 2000.

Ohio History Online Archive

TIMELINE is an award-winning quarterly magazine of history and culture. It has received the highest publication and design awards from state and national groups and serves as the national model for publications of its kind. TIMELINE, as well as Echoes are benefits of membership in the Ohio Historical Society. Echoes is the society's monthly newsletter and schedule of programs and events.

TIMELINE Information

TIMELINE Past Issue Index
October / November 1984 to present

TIMELINE Subscriptions

TIMELINE Back Issues

Echoes, the Society’s membership newsletter, is the source for current news about our 60 Ohio sites, development initiatives, collections, historic preservation, legislative advocacy efforts, partnerships and members. Echoes is published bi-monthly beginning in January and contains a comprehensive calendar of events to help you plan your visits to historic sites and events across the state. Subscribing is easy - just become a member of the Ohio Historical Society. Click here to see what you’ve been missing. (5.8MB PDF will load in a new browser window and requires Adobe Acrobat ® Reader).

Ohio Histor-enews: From those who make history to those who read about it, the Ohio Historical Society encourages everyone to get involved. Ohio's history is exciting and fun and there are many ways that you can help us bring the past to life. An excellent way to start is by reading the Ohio Historical Society's electronic newsletter, Ohio Histor-enews.

The Local Historian, a bimonthly newsletter, is prepared in conjunction with the Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums for members of local historical societies. Reprints of technical inserts published in The Local Historian are available for purchase as "Local History Notebooks".

The Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library is, by law, the archives for the State of Ohio. As such, we collect, preserve, and make available to the public, documents pertaining to the operation of state and local governments.


Legislative Records Transfer Form (Acrobat PDF will load in a new browser window and requires Adobe Acrobat ® Reader)


Local Government Records Program
Through the Local Government Records Program, the State Archives provides advice and assistance to local government agencies regarding records management, electronic records and archival issues.

Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board (OHRAB)
The Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board is the central body for historical records planning in the state. Board members are appointed by the governor and represent Ohio's public and private archives, records offices, and research institutions. Administrative responsibility for the board rests with the Ohio Historical Society's Archives/Library Division. The board also acts as the state-level review body for grants submitted to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), in accordance with that commission's guidelines

Ohio Electronic Records Committee
State Archives, in conjunction with Ohio's Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Office of Policy and Planning (OPP), formed the Electronic Records Committee (ERC) to draft policy and guidelines for electronic records.
Digital Document Imaging Guidelines
Electronic Records Management Guidelines
Electronic Records Policy
General Schedules for Electronic Records
Managing Electronic Mail
Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook

For more information and to learn about ongoing projects, please visit the ERC website at

State Archives Finding Aids
Online versions of finding aids for selected record series held by State Archives. Organized by state agency.

Digitization Projects
State Archives staff have worked to increase access to resources by digitizing and making historical materials available online.

Ohio Vital Information for Libraries (OVIL)

Ohio Online Death Index
Search the online, digitized version of the Ohio Death Index, 1913-1937, to find information about persons who died during those years. Using the Index information, a researcher can later obtain a copy of the death certificate itself, which holds further information.

Ohio Revised Code

Portions of the Ohio Revised Code that deal with records

Ohio's Laws, Rules and Current Constitution
The Ohio General Assembly has teamed with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services to provide Ohio's Laws, Rules and Constitution on the Internet as a free service to the public.

Guidelines for offsite reference and vital records requests, see

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Historical Society!

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