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Publications can be viewed and printed as Adobe .PDF files.

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Note on Retention Periods: The records retention periods stated in the manuals are suggested retention periods only. Your local records commission may approve other retention periods.

Note on Records Series: The manuals list common record series created by local governments. Your office may not create all of the records listed in the manuals. Likewise, you may create additional records not listed in the manuals or you may call a record series by a different name. Your office's retention schedules should be created in accordance with the records that your office creates.
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County Records Manual Revised May 2000
The County Records Manual contains lists of records often created by county offices and corresponding suggested retention periods. The most recent edition includes an expanded section on general schedules for county government, including general schedules for administrative electronic records.

LGR Handbook Revised January 2000
The LGR Handbook provides an introduction to records management for local governments in Ohio. It includes guidelines for establishing a records program, information regarding micrographics, and sections of the Ohio Revised Code that apply to local government records issues.

Municipal Records Manual Revised January 2000
The Municipal Manual includes lists of records often created by municipalities and corresponding suggested retention periods.

Township Records Manual
The Township Records Manual contains lists of records often created by township offices and corresponding suggested retention periods.

Sample Library Retention Schedule
The sample library retention schedule is a brief listing of records that many public libraries create and corresponding suggested retention periods.

Updated 2008 School Records Retention Schedule (.PDF file)
Updated 2008 School Records Retention Schedule (Microsoft Word File)
The School Records Retention Schedule contains a breakdown of records relating to schools and school systems along with corresponding suggested retention periods.

Note: This sample retention schedule for school districts is also available from the Auditor of State's Office. To obtain a hard copy of this sample schedule, please call (614) 728-7172

Paper copies of the LGR publications can be ordered from the LGRP. Download manual order form.

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