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Effective September 29, 2011

With the passage of HB 153 there have been some changes to RC-1, RC-2, and RC-3 procedures for forms dated after September 29, 2011 by the local records commission:

RC-3s will continue to be required until your RC-2 has been updated to comply with the passage of HB 153. Your RC-2 must be approved by your records commission on or after September 29, 2011. Governments that have RC-2s on file prior to September 29, 2011, will need to continue submitting RC-3s for disposal until they have submitted a revised RC-2.

  • After an RC-1 form has been reviewed by the OHS-LGRP and approved by the Auditor of State, you will no longer be required to send in an RC-3 form.
  • The OHS-LGRP will indicate on your RC-2 forms during the review process the records series which will need an RC-3 sent in prior to disposal. You will not need to send in an RC-3 for records series not indicated by OHS-LGRP.
  • Please provide more information about each records series on your RC-2 forms so that we may more accurately determine which records series will require an RC-3 form. Please provide a records series title as well as, for example, the function of the records, how and why they were created, the importance to your office, the organization of the records, etc.
  • RC-3 forms will only be necessary for records series indicated by OHS-LGRP on your RC-2.
  • Please do not use the column titled "RC-3 Required by OHS-LGRP" on the revised RC-2 form found here. The OHS-LGRP will be using that column to check which record series will require an RC-3 prior to disposal.
  • If you wish to dispose of a record that is more than 50 years old, please contact the State Archives, even if the retention schedule does not require a Certificate of Records Disposal (RC-3). While the age of a record is not the only factor that determines historical value, in general records that are 50 years old or older are more likely to have historical value.
  • We suggest that your records commission continues to document the disposal of all records series internally. We would suggest that you retain those records permanently.

If you wish to take advantage of the new procedures, please follow these steps:

  1. Revise your RC-2 to include the importance, use, and content of each records series.

    Here are some examples of what to write in the Record Title and Description column on the RC-2 form:

    • Accident Reports/Files: Bodily injury to non-employee on county owned property.
    • Accident/Incident Reports: (Original/Record Copy held by Human Resources) Record of injury or illness to employees while performing job functions.
    • Surveillance Tapes/Videos: Footage documenting daily actions of employees and visitors within an office and on its grounds for security purposes.

  2. Discuss the new RC-2 in an open meeting per ORC 121.22.
  3. Make sure the responsible official and the chairperson of the records commission sign the form.
  4. Send the form to OHS-LGRP at 800 E. 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211 or
  5. OHS-LGRP will do a review of the RC-2. Records series that will still require an RC-3 prior to disposal will be marked on the RC-2 by OHS-LGRP.
  6. OHS-LGRP will forward the RC-2 to the Auditor of State's office for approval.
  7. When you have a signed, approved copy of the RC-2 back from OHS-LGRP it is in effect.
  8. At this time only will you be able to dispose of records without sending in an RC-3.
  9. Please continue to send in an RC-3 for records series marked by OHS-LGRP on your RC-2.
  10. We suggest that your records commission continues to document the disposal of all records series internally. We would suggest that you retain those records permanently.
RC-1, RC-2, and RC-3 forms
Suggested Permanent Records

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About the LGRP

The State Archives assists local government agencies with establishing records management and archival programs through the Local Government Records Program (LGRP). Working through the seven Network Centers, the LGRP provides records related advice and assistance to local governments in order to facilitate the identification and preservation of local government records with enduring historical value. Please contact us and send forms to:

The Ohio Historical Society
Local Government Records Program
800 E. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211
(614) 297.2553 (phone)
(614) 297.2546 (fax)

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Historical Society!

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