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Ohio Modern: Preserving Our Recent Past

Statewide Historic Context

The Ohio Modern Statewide Historic Context document outlines the important social, political, and economic trends that shaped land use decisions, architectural styles, property types, and building technology in Ohio associated with the recent past (1940-1970). The time period begins with the years immediately leading up to World War II. The events of the war years set into motion massive socioeconomic transformations, trends and patterns of historical development that shaped Ohio for the next three decades. The time period ends at 1970; the early 1970s marked a period of transition for Ohio that included deindustrialization, assumption of new responsibilities by state and local government, and demographic and socioeconomic trends as the stateís metropolitan areas grew and the population transitioned from rural to suburban settings. The Ohio Modern Statewide Historic Context establishes significant themes and identifies important property types and examples of the work of architects, builders, and developers in Ohioís recent past.

The historic context document follows the Secretary of the Interiorís Standards and Guidelines for Preservation Planning (developing historic contexts). The project uses relevant guidance provided in the following National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Bulletins: Historic Residential Suburbs: Guidelines for Evaluation and Documentation for the National Register of Historic Places, How to Apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation, and How to Complete the National Register Registration Form.

Introduction - (226)

Research Design and Project Methods - (26k)

Historic Context - (383k)

Design Trends in Ohios, 1940-1970 - (277k)

Identification, Documentation, Evaulation and Registation of Ohio's Recent Past Resources - (107k)

Recommendations - (25k)

References Cited - (120k)

Bibliography for Ohio History, 1940-1970 - (120k)

Appendix A - (13k)

Appendix B - (69MB)

Appendix C - (433k)

Appendix D - (120k)

Appendix E - (120k)

Appendix F - (120k)

Appendix G - (120k)

Appendix H - (120k)

Appendix I - (120k)

Appendix J - (120k)

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