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Ohio Modern: Preserving Our Recent Past

Dayton Area Survey Report

The Ohio Modern Dayton Area Survey Report is the culmination of a history-architecture survey conducted in selected neighborhoods and transportation corridors of Dayton and surrounding communities, including Centerville, Fairborn, Huber Heights, Kettering, Oakwood, Trotwood, and Vandalia. Dayton, Ohio, a designated Preserve America Community, and its surrounding suburbs exemplify the post-World War II explosion of development in Ohio and other U.S. cities during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Communities across Ohio, including Dayton, dramatically increased in population as a result of returning veterans and workers migrating to Ohio for industrial jobs. Post-World War II Dayton, home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, as well as numerous automobile, aeronautical and commercial manufacturing sites, required an extraordinary amount of new development to accommodate this surge in population. This need was met through the rapid construction of housing, schools, churches, shopping centers, and commercial and recreational properties that created new virtually self contained suburban neighborhoods.

The Ohio Modern Dayton Area survey project meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Identification and Evaluation. The survey report includes the research design, summary of the survey methodology, brief outline of historical development of survey areas, a listing of all inventoried properties, bibliography, maps of overall survey areas and specific subdivisions surveyed, an assessment of the significance of the inventoried properties based on National Register of Historic Places criteria and integrity requirements and a list of properties and districts that may qualify for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. The survey report uses relevant guidance for research, survey and evaluation provided in the National Register Bulletin, Historic Residential Suburbs, Guidelines for Evaluation and Documentation for the National Register of Historic Places.

Section 1: Introduction

Introduction to the Ohio Modern-Dayton Survey - (3.8MB PDF)

Historic Context - (1.9MB PDF)

Section 2: Survey Methodology

Literature Review - (153KB PDF)

Prior Survey Summary & Research Methods - (137KB PDF)

Field Survey Techniques & Discussion of Added OHI Terminology - (1139KB PDF)

Section 3: Analysis and Recommendations

Summary/Explanation of OHI and Relationship to Historic Context - (515KB PDF)

Education - (694KB PDF)

Ethnic/Immigration - (346KB PDF)

Manufacturing/Industrial - (463KB PDF)

Military/Defense - (463KB PDF)

Political/Social Welfare - (610KB PDF)

Religion/Ecclesiastical Groups - (373KB PDF)

Arts and Recreation - (330KB PDF)

Suburban Development - (1.5MB PDF)

Transportation/Communication - (624KB PDF)

Architectural Findings - (10MB PDF)

Representative Architectural Elements - (15MB PDF)

Survey Recommendations and Conclusion - (4MB PDF)

Section 4: Resources

Published Sources - (237KB PDF)

Unpublished Sources - (140KB PDF)

Historic Image Reference - (341KB PDF)

Section 5: Appendices

Appendix A – Maps - (10MB PDF)

Appendix B – Historic Images - (3MB PDF)

Appendix C – Architects Practicing in the Dayton Area - (186KB PDF)

Appendix D – Interview Summaries - (321KB PDF)

Appendix E – Table of Ohio Historic Inventory Forms - (187KB PDF)

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