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Researching Records at the Ohio Historic Preservation Office

The Ohio Historic Preservation Office is the official state repository for information on federal and state recognized historic places in Ohio. Ohio Archaeological Inventory, Ohio Historic Inventory, and National Register of Historic Places and other records are maintained in a file area that is open to researchers. The User's Guide to Researching Records at the Ohio Historic Preservation Office explains how the records are stored and the terms under which they may be accessed.

OHPO Online Mapping Tools (page will load in a new browser window)
The Online Mapping System provides agencies and researchers with rapid access to Ohio's inventory records in digital format. Access to this subscription-based service is limited to those involved in federal undertakings subject to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and for scholarly research.

Records Search Service
The Ohio Historic Preservation Office provides inventory information for a fee to parties siting federally funded, licensed or permitted projects. The information provided is generated for locations generally within a one-mile or two-mile radius of project site, although custom-shaped requests are available.

Where to Research the History of Your Property
Provides ideas on primary and secondary sources to access when researching the history of your property.

Scanned Inventory Records
Scans of Ohio Historic Inventory, Ohio Archaeological Inventory and National Register of Historic Places records are now available in PDF format for $.50 per record. PDF files will be emailed if they comprise less than 4 MB; otherwise, they will be burned to CD and mailed for an additional $2.50 per CD. To order PDFs, please provide the Ohio Historic Preservation Office with a list or table of the specific site numbers requested. Orders can be placed via email sent to or by calling the office at 614-298-2000. Requests for PDFs will be filled in the order received and will generally be filled within five business days. The Ohio Historic Preservation Office retains the right to turn down PDF requests. Those making frequent requests for PDFs may wish to establish an account with the office by emailing us at

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