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Completing a National Register Nomination

The first step in the nomination process is completion of the National Register Preliminary Questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire and obtain an opinion from the Ohio Historic Preservation Office that the property qualifies for nomination prior to writing a nomination. Our office will then provide you with a National Register nomination form or MS-Word format template of the nomination plus a complete how-to packet to guide you through preparing your nomination.

National Register Bulletins
This is a link to the complete list of National Park Service bulletins that provide specific guidance on all aspects of completing nominations. Some of the most important links are listed below:

Process Guide
Provides a quick reference guide to those just getting started or seeking more information about how properties are nominated in Ohio.

Sample Nominations
This is a list of sample National Register of Hisotric Places nominations that may assist in the preparation of the National Register of Historic Places nomination form.

Evaluation Sheet
This is the checklist used by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office when reviewing National Register nominations.

Submission Deadlines
The Ohio Historic Preservation Office must notify various entities when a property is nominated to the National Register of Historic Places. The nomination submission deadlines allow for proper time for this notification.

Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board (OHSPAB)
The 17-member Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board is appointed by the governor to advise the State Historic Preservation Officer and the Ohio Historical Society Board of Trustees on historic preservation issues. Click here to view the board's meeting schedule.

For more information on National Register of Historic Places criteria contact the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.

Click here to go to the Ohio Historic Preservation Office front page.

NOTE: Some of the documents referred to on this page must be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and will load in a new browser window.

Thank you for your interest in The Ohio Historical Society!

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