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About the National Register of Historic Places

About the National Register of Historic Places
The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of properties recognized by the federal government as worthy of preservation for their local, state, or national significance in American history, architecture,archaeology, engineering, or culture. A program of the National Park Service, it is administered at the state level by each respective state. In Ohio, the Ohio Historical Society’s Ohio Historic Preservation Office administers the National Register program. Click here to learn more about eligibility for listing and the listing process.

For a property to qualify for the National Register it must meet one of four broad National Register Criteria for Evaluation, by being associated with an important historic context and retaining historic integrity of those features necessary to convey its significance. Click here to learn more about the criteria.

Completing a National Register Nomination
Click here for step-by-step instructions for pursuing National Register listing.

National Register Preliminary Questionnaire
In Ohio, the first step in nominating a property to the National Register is to complete a National Register Preliminary Questionnaire which is designed to help us help you determine whether a property is likely to be eligible for listing. Click here for a printable version of the questionnaire in pdf format. Click here for copy of the questionnaire in Microsoft Word format. Click here for a quick reference guide about the nomination process and questionnaire submission.

National Register Searchable Database
The Ohio Historic Preservation Office Searchable Database contains information on Ohio properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places. You may search on a single field or multiple fields. PDF versions of full National Register nominations are available. Click here to search the database.

National Register District Address Search
This address finder is designed to help you find out whether a property is located within one of Ohio's National Register-listed historic districts; all of the properties inside the boundary of each National Register Historic District are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Most properties within the boundary of a district contribute to its significance. Some do not; this information is noted where known.

Certificates and Plaques for Properties Listed on the National Register
Click here to order a certificate of listing for your National Register property. Certificates are available framed or unframed and each is customized with the property name, listing criteria and is signed by Ohio's state historic preservation officer. Click here for a list of commercial firms that manufacture plaques.

To request more information about the National Register of Historic Places, click here or call 614/298-2000.

Click here to go to the Ohio Historic Preservation Office front page.

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