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National Road Recognized as One of the Nation's Finest Treasures

Mile MarkerThe U.S. Department of Transportation has designated the entire six-state Historic National Road Corridor, from Maryland to Illinois, an All-American Road and National Scenic Byway. The National Road was recognized as one of the nation's elite byways for its historic, cultural and scenic characteristics. The 600 mile highway, including more than 220 miles in Ohio, represents more than 200 years of American history.

The nation's National Scenic Byways are special routes that provide travelers with alternatives to the monotony of high-speed inter-state travel, offer a unique view, and introduce us to special places we might otherwise pass by.

National Scenic Byway designation may yield numerous benefits for communities along the National Road, including:

  • Funding and technical assistance for projects including, planning, construction, tourism information, and economic development
  • Special indentification on state highway maps
  • Better care for the road
  • Inclusion in a national indentification and promotion plan

The National Road holds a significant place in the history of Ohio and the nation. It was our country's first federally-funded interstate road and provided both a route to the frontier and market access for the sparsely settled midwest during the early part of the 19th century. During the automobile era the road (now U.S. 40) again served as one of the nation's primary east/west arteries. The National Road's historical significance is expressed in the many roadway sections, pike towns, taverns, inns, early motels and truck stops that stand as a reminder of the once bustling thoroughfare. Because of the numerous historical resources and the many other diversions that visitors can experience along the route, the National Road in Ohio already has been designated a State Scenic Byway.

An exciting new publication, A Traveler's Guide to The Histroric National Road in Ohio: The Road That Helped Build America, is now available. The 46-page, full-color guide provides a point-by-point description of the significant historical, cultural, natural and recreational sites associated wth the National Road in Ohio, from the east to the west.

Click here
to learn more about the travelers guide and how to obtain a free copy or call the Ohio Historical Society at 614/297-2300 or 800/686-6124.

U.S. 40 Service Station, ColumbusThe National Scenic Byway designation process required that a Corridor Management Plan be developed to guide the enhancement, development, marketing and promotion, interpretation, and long-term management of the road corridor. The Plan was created through a public participation process so that it would reflect the goals and prioritities of the communities through which the byway runs.

The central focus of the Corridor Management Plan is a set of management strategies designed to guide the development, marketing, interpretation and preservation of the byway in both the short-term and long-term. The management strategies address the elements required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for National Scenic Byway designation, as well as provide a practical document from which implementing groups can work to achieve the vision and goals for the byway. Ten sections address: Peacock Road, Guernsey County

  • Preservation & Enhancement Strategies for National Road Resources
  • Strategies for Other Historic and Cultural Resources
  • Strategies for Managing Scenic and Natural Resources and Minimizing Visual Intrusions                                                     
  • Strategies for Roadway Management                                            
  • Strategies to Link the Byway to the Region and Beyond    
  • Strategies to Foster Economic Development Tourism & Visitor      
  • A Sign Plan for the Ohio National Road Blaine Bridge, Belmont County                                     
  • Coordinating with the Five Other National Road State     
  • Implementation of the Management Plan

Click here to view the Corridor Management Plan for the Ohio National Road Scenic Byway.

Your input is important! Click here to provide your comments on the plan, contact us with questions, or to order a copy of the Corridor Management Plan Executive Summary. You may also call  614/298-2000.   



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