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Certified Local Government Grant Administration

Closing Out the Project/Grant Payment

Project Completion Report

To conclude the CLG grant administation process, the project completion report must be filed 30 days after the project end date.

The project completion report briefly summarizes all work undertaken during in the grant project, identifies any difficulties encountered in completing the project, and describes how completion of the project assisted in addressing historic preservation needs in your community.

The financial statement provides a comparison of budgeted and actual expenses as listed in the Key Contract Elements, broken down by federal fiscal year. Submit signed time sheets, copies of receipts and payment documentation to support expenses claimed.

Contractor Performance Report
If a consultant or contractor is hired as part of the project, OHPO requests that the grant recipient complete a Contractor Performance Report that evaluates the services provided by the consultant or contractor including quality of work and record of meeting project deadlines.

Grant Invoice
The grant recipient is to submit a signed CLG grant invoice to the OHPO grants manager requesting payment of the CLG grant for 60% of allowable project expenses, up to the offical grant award amount.

Covenant/Preservation Agreement
For a development or acquisition project, upon approval of the project completion report, the OHPO grants manager will develop a preservation agreement or covenant [dependent upon the cumulative amont of CLG funding for the property]. This document requires that the property owner maintain the property for a certain period. The preservation agreement is to be signed by the property owner and returned to the OHPO grants manager. If a covenant is needed, the document needs to be signed by the property owner and recorded with the deed of the property, and a copy of the executed document returned to the OHPO grants manager.

Click here to view covenant template.

Click here to view Preservation Agreement template.

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