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Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of
Environmental Services

The Ohio Department of Transportation’s Office of Environmental Services coordinates reviews and National Register evaluations for federally funded transportation projects, on behalf of the Federal Highway Administration. Part of the office’s responsibilities include maintaining a historic bridge inventory database, and offering guidance and review on transportation enhancement projects that frequently involve the rehabilitation of National Register-eligible or National Register-listed historic bridges.

ODOT’s Office of Environmental Services published the Ohio Historic Bridge Maintenance & Preservation Guidance Manual as a “users manual” to assist owners, managers, and maintenance forces with effectively maintaining and preserving Ohio’s remarkable assemblage of masonry, concrete, and metal historic bridges. The manual was prepared under contract by TranSystems Inc., a firm with wide-ranging experience in historic bridge and other transportation projects.

ODOT’s district offices use the manual to encourage county engineers and others with responsibility for historic bridges to be proactive about routine maintenance so that these bridges continue to be meet transportation needs while retaining their historic integrity. The manual stresses that the best strategy is to perform routine maintenance and preservation activities that address problems when they appear and before they affect other bridge components. The manual provides information on sources of deterioration that occur to materials commonly found in older bridges and addresses appropriate measures for preservation and rehabilitation organized by material type and bridge type.

Since its launch, the manual has helped county engineers help themselves with maintaining historic bridges and learning preservation best practices. It has also resulted in county engineers sharing information about their experiences working with historic bridges.

TranSystems provides consulting, engineering, planning and design services to a range of transportation related sectors including rail, aviation, trucking and maritime. The firm is currently working on a statewide survey and management plan for historic bridges in Tennessee and guidelines for advancing projects involving historic roads for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

The Ohio Historic Bridge Maintenance & Preservation Guidance Manual enhances the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Office of Environmental Services stewardship of historic bridges by offering leadership and support to bridge owners and managers at the local, regional, and state levels. It is an important tool for the preservation of Ohio’s engineering and transportation heritage.

2010 Awards 
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