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2010 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Wright Patterson Air Force Base for the preservation and rehabilitation of Building 12

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is one of the largest and most diverse Air Force bases in the nation and is home to numerous organizations. Due to its organizationally complex and expanding nature and evolving technology, buildings on the base are frequently renovated. . The addition of the 77th Aeronautical Systems Group from Brooks City Base, Texas, required by the Department of Defense Base Realignment and Closure Act of 2005, prompted increased renovation efforts in the last few years to accommodate the new inbound missions. This has included the rehabilitation of historic Building 12 which is part the National Register-listed Wright Field Historic District. Wright Field, established in 1927 as the experimental engineering arm of the U.S. Army Signal Corps, was the site of some of the most advanced aeronautical engineering work in the history of aviation. Building 12 was completed in 1935 and is the most elaborate example of Art Deco architecture at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The rehabilitation project consisted of the complete renovation of Building 12 to a historically accurate appearance inside and out, while addressing security and force protection requirements that were necessary due to its close proximity to the base perimeter. Additionally, the goal of achieving a silver LEED rating was accomplished as well as compliance with Anti-terrorism measures.

The rehabilitation included two main areas: exterior cleaning and repair; and cleaning, restoration, and repair to the entrance portico, vestibule, and rotunda. Original record drawings and historic photographs were reviewed and extensive field investigations conducted to confirm original conditions. This facilitated the design of replacement windows configured to match the appearance of the originals while also meeting contemporary blast resistant criteria.

Other work in this $13 million-dollar project included:
  • Major upgrades to the building foundations and structure to meet current seismic and anti-terrorism requirements;
  • Repair to the main entrance stairs;
  • Repair to the original aluminum doors;
  • Removal of the second floor suspended ceiling system, exposing the skylight;
  • Making the entrance ramp ADA compliant, and;
  • Connecting the facility to centralized heating and cooling plants to facilitate energy conservation
The completed renovation of Building 12 has enhanced preservation of the Wright Field Historic District both historically and functionally. The rehabilitation preserves a significant Art Deco structure, and the improved space provides a working environment to serve new vital functions in the expanding missions at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

2010 Awards 
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