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2010 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Cogswell Hall Inc., Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, Dale Serne Architects, Doty & Miller Architects, Marous Brothers Construction, and Korfant & Mazzone Construction for the preservation and rehabilitation of Cogswell Hall at 7200 Franklin Road in Cleveland

The Cogswell Hall project combined rehabilitation work that qualified for the federal historic rehabilitation tax credit with affordability for extremely low income adults, green construction techniques, and significant new construction.

Completed in 1914 with funding from the Women's Christian Temperance Union, Cogswell Hall was designed as a home for "friendless girls"--those orphaned or unable to remain at home due to abuse, neglect, or other family problems. It is a focal building within the Franklin Boulevard-West Clinton Historic District on Cleveland’s west side and had seen relatively few alterations over time.

During this project, past alterations such as jalousie windows in a converted porch were replaced with more appropriate windows. The original woodwork was all preserved, as were the original pocket doors. Cabinets with glass inserts were restored and part of the original maple floor was uncovered and restored. Deteriorated features, including doors and windows in hallways and common areas, were repaired rather than replaced.

Interior upgrades of the mechanical systems and the addition of private bathrooms and a sprinkler system were accomplished, without compromising significant architectural features, by hiding piping and new plumbing runs on the suite side of the hallway walls and within existing closets. Hallway doors were left in place even though rooms were combined to make a larger living space and private bathrooms. On the exterior, brick was left as it has weathered and new paint colors matched the original. Although massive in size, the new addition does not detract from the historic building. The exterior finishes of the new addition compliment but do not duplicate the historic structure.

Cogswell Hall provides quality, affordable housing combined with supportive services for adults of limited income facing critical life challenges. The combination of low cost housing with individualized services plans and community-building, effectively stabilizes people, preventing and intervening in homelessness and improving health and wellness.

Cogswell Hall is located on an urban site that benefits from being part of a dense and walk-able community. The project is an excellent illustration of a sustainable way to develop affordable housing—through rehabilitation and expansion of an existing historic building in an urban area. The Cogswell Hall preservation project will help insure that this property will be here to house some of greater Cleveland's most vulnerable citizens for another hundred years.

Please join me in congratulating Cogswell Hall, Inc., Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, Dale Serne Architects, Doty & Miller Architects, Marous Brothers Construction, and Korfant & Mazzone Construction for the rehabilitation of Cogswell Hall.

2010 Awards 
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