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2009 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Preservation Merit Award to Broad Street United Methodist Church, Rogers Krajnak Architects, Shelley Metz Baumann Hawk, and H.K. Phillips Restoration for extensive rehabilitation of the exterior masonry of Broad Street United Methodist Church at 501 East Broad Street in Columbus.

Constructed in 1885 on the corner of East Broad Street and Washington Avenue in Columbus, the Broad Street United Methodist Church was designed in the gothic revival style with Victorian influences that were prevalent at the time. Renowned Ohio architects Yost and Packard, whose firm was based in Columbus, selected green serpentine stone for the exterior facade. The serpentine stone, quarried in West Chester, Pennsylvania was a beautiful looking material with rich veining and flecks of mica that glisten in the sunlight. Unfortunately, the stone was also a very porous material. Soon after the stone was originally installed, the church began experiencing problems with water infiltration and spalling. Attempts were made over the years to patch the stone and mortar, but many of these patching attempts did more harm than good by combining rigid cement based material with the softer original stone.

Working with their architect, engineer and contractor, the Broad Street United Methodist Church congregation embarked on an ambitious project to preserve the building by removing the crumbling serpentine stone, replacing it with cast stone and restoring the existing limestone and sandstone. The cast stone was designed to replicate the green color, the variety of sizes and the rough texture of the serpentine stone.

The original exterior walls were constructed of several layers of brick interconnected with the serpentine stone. The painstaking process to remove the serpentine stone on the exterior while minimizing cracks on the interior plaster included the installation of steel braces and needle beams. The original serpentine stone was methodically removed in small sections and replaced with cast stone. The work was carried out in multiple sequences until the stone replacement on each elevation of the building was complete.

Finally, the sandstone and limestone elements, including the existing sills, lintels, columns and water-table were cleaned and repaired and missing decorative elements were replicated to complete the project.

The significant appearance of this National Register listed property was retained by the commitment of the Broad Street United Methodist Church and the careful and dedicated work of the project architect, engineer and contractor.

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