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2008 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Preservation Merit Award to David Tschantz and the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation for preserving and restoring the 1869 Zoarville Station Bridge, the last remaining Fink Truss Bridge in the United States.

Camp Tuscazoar Foundation owns and maintains a property that was a Boy Scout camp from 1920 to the mid-1980s. The camp is adjacent to the Zoarville Station Bridge, the last remaining Fink Truss bridge in the United States. The bridge, which was pictured on the cover of the Ohio Historical Society’s Timeline magazine in 1985, had been bypassed by a new road and, through neglect, had fallen into serious disrepair. In 1997 the bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and donated to the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation. The foundation began working to raise money to restore the bridge. David Tschantz, an attorney with Wayne Mutual Insurance Company in Wooster, volunteered to coordinate the project. He spent the next 11 years generating interest, seeking funding, and coordinating the enormous number of tasks for getting the bridge restored. Many individuals, organizations, businesses, state agencies, and politicians worked to make the restoration a reality. Leading the effort was David Tschantz, who is not a preservationist by profession or avocation, but who saw a worthy community project and accepted the leadership role. The project he led to a miraculous conclusion was the restoration of an extremely rare piece of American engineering and transportation history. The iron bridge from 1869 is back where it has been since 1905, and has a new life as the nexus of four recreational trails.

2008 Awards 
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