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2008 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Preservation Merit Award to Southeast Priority Board and Matrix Architects of Dayton for adaptive use of the historic Carnegie Library at 2160 E. Fifth St. in Dayton.

This project of interior improvements in the old Carnegie Library on Fifth St. at the edge of Daytonís Huffman Historic District is a wonderful example of revisiting the use of a historic building and adapting it for todayís needs. Once a library, it now houses the Southeast Priority Board, and is an inspiration to other property owners in the area to invest in revitalizing and renewing the neighborhood. As part of the project, interior spaces were reopened to reveal the original ceilings and the grand scale of the original design. Reopening the original staircase involved special meetings and negotiations with the chief building official to establish its historical significance, resulting in approval of this aspect of the project, which uses special provisions of the Ohio Basic Building Code that allow historic structures to meet code in alternative ways. The renovation has been featured in the book Carnegie Libraries of Ohio: Our Cultural Heritage.

2008 Awards 
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