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2007 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Richard L. Bowen + Associates, and the Ohio School Facilities Commission for the preservation and rehabilitation of John Hay High School at 2075 Stokes Boulevard in Cleveland.

Located at University Circle, with neighbors like the Cleveland Museum of Art, Severance Hall, and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, John Hay High School was completed in 1929. The landmark building served generations of Clevelanders, then closed for renovation in 2001, emerging five years later as a state-of-the-art school designed to honor past generations while meeting the needs of future ones. The project demonstrates how an older school can be upgraded to meet contemporary standards for educational adequacy, while recapturing the original architectural character and preserving qualities treasured by alumni. Inspired by the shared vision of community leaders and Cleveland Metropolitan School District, John Hay now houses three innovative small high schools: a school of architecture and design; a school of science and medicine; and an accelerated college prep school. To promote a university-like culture, all three share the lobby, auditorium, and student dining room, plus art studios and science laboratories. The building hosts frequent alumni programs, theatrical presentations, public forums, corporate meetings, and other community events. And, it regularly attracts neighbors, alumni, and other visitors who appreciate its aesthetic value. Throughout the building, vintage photos depict earlier students. Today’s students view their school with respect, understanding that they are part of a legacy. The renewed John Hay High School balances preservation of a 20th century landmark with creation of a modern learning environment. The result is a one-of-a-kind school that is at once historic and cutting edge–a school that students, staff, alumni, and Clevelanders are proud to call their own.

2007 Awards 
Presentation Image. Click to view slides of the awards presentation.

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