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2007 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Greater Milford Area Historical Society for its longtime stewardship of Promont at 906 Main Street in Milford, home of Ohio’s forty-third governor, John M. Pattison, from 1879 to 1906.

In 1983 James Kirgan, a local business leader, left Promont–home of Ohio’s 43rd governor, John M. Pattison–to the Greater Milford Area Historical Society. The society made some repairs and upgrades, then moved in with a small collection and a hard-working group of volunteers. Since then, they’ve furnished Promont in the style of 1879 to 1906, when the Pattisons lived there, including items from the Pattison family. Several years ago the society began planning upgrades. They realized that the first task had to be establishing a museum-quality environment for the collection. To maintain proper temperature and humidity levels, a specially designed heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system was added. Funded through a capital campaign and matching funds from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, it was designed by Cincinnati Air Conditioning and installed by Perfection Heating & Air Conditioning. A second project was paint abatement and repainting the exterior, working with Doug Ignatius of Champlin-Haupt Architects, and contractor E.B. Miller of Cincinnati. Funded by a grant from the State of Ohio through the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission, the abatement removed many layers of paint that had been applied over the years. Every inch of the surface was scraped, washed, primed, and painted twice–a tedious task that has had the unexpected benefit of revealing skillfully carved stonework over the windows. Finally, the society has worked with Allied Windows of Cincinnati to protect the original wooden windows and frames by adding storm windows, using funds from community donors and the State of Ohio through the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission. Today Promont–listed on the National Register of Historic Places–is a handsome setting in which the Greater Milford Area Historical Society fulfills its mission of educating the community by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and promoting the history of Milford and the Victorian era.

2007 Awards 
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