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2006 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council

Southern Perry, northern Athens, and eastern Hocking counties are known as the ‘Little Cities of Black Diamonds’ for the coal, oil, clay, and iron ore industries that have been there since the 19th century. Believing that citizens who understand the region’s history and assets will be more active in revitalizing it, the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council organizes events, tours, and educational projects that promote the historical, cultural, civic, and environmental assets of the area. Although their efforts have been largely volunteer, they have maintained a level of scholarship and quality that would be the envy of many communities, forming local history committees; embarking on programs to raise awareness about threatened landmarks; developing a local history curriculum for Southern Perry County schools; publishing local histories; developing heritage tourism and eco-tourism programs; maintaining a website; and working tirelessly to "move the image of the region away from one of poverty and decay, toward an image of quality small town and rural living where historical and cultural exploration are commonplace and where community and environmental regeneration are a way of life." Key to their efforts have been John Winnenberg and Sandra Landis; through the Council and other non-profit organizations, Winnenberg and Landis have sought and won funding with creative ideas, a comprehensive approach, imaginative ways of matching available funds, and a sense of pride and appreciation for the region’s historical, cultural, and architectural assets.

Past Recipients:

For a list of past Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award recipients click here.

The Ohio Historic Preservation Office is Ohio's official historic preservation agency. A part of the Ohio Historical Society, it identifies historic places in Ohio, nominates properties to the National Register of Historic Places, reviews federally-assisted projects for effects on Ohio's historic, architectural, and archaeological resources, consults on the conservation of older buildings and sites, and offers educational programs and publications.

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