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2005 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Zoar Community 
  Assocation receives award
Zoar Community Assocation

Home for much of the 19th century to a society of German religious separatists, much of the village of Zoar is now a state memorial operated by the Ohio Historical Society and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. About three years ago, Zoar Community Association Technology Committee members Jeff Bennett, Sandy Worley, Lisa Youngman, Sherri Baughman, and Chuck Knaack had a vision for using technology to teach visitors and students about the history of Zoar and the Zoarites. Over a period of 20 months they raised over $95,000 to develop several new interpretive programs that capitalize on new technologies. They include an audio walking tour of Zoar on CD with an accompanying brochure and map; three DVDs on Zoar and the nearby Ohio & Erie Canal; kiosks with seating where up to 30 visitors can watch the DVDs as an introduction to their visit; and Letters to the Old World, a new distance learning program for school groups in the classroom, created with the help of Kathy Fernandez and Sharon Antle using photos and documents from the Ohio Historical Society.

Thank you for your interest in The Ohio Historical Society!

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