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2005 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Miami Conservancy 
  District receives award
Miami Conservancy District

The Miami Conservancy District was formed after Ohio's 1913 floods to develop a flood prevention system for cities along the Great Miami River. In 1916 Col. Edward Deeds, one of the original board members, built and donated a permanent headquarters in Dayton. The two-story building has been occupied by the Miami Conservancy District ever since. After nearly 90 years, the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems were beyond their useful lives. In addition, many of the employees had poorly designed work stations with inadequate lighting. And, although improvements had been added over the years, little effort had been made to keep them in the style of the original building. Before deciding to renovate, the board studied the cost of a new building, the cost of buying an existing one in better condition, and the cost of renovating the 1916 headquarters. After weighing the cost, as well as the issue of leaving a building that is part of the Conservancy’s heritage, the board chose to renovate it. Working with Levin Porter Associates of Dayton, they created a comfortable, functional, and contemporary open-office work environment that encourages collaboration and interaction; replaced the aging electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems; removed later partitions and restored the plaster ceiling on the first floor; cleaned and repaired the stone facade using the gentlest methods and products available; and restored and rewired the original outdoor lighting fixtures. Completed in 2004, the renovation preserves Col. Deeds' gift while bringing the Miami Conservancy District headquarters into the 21st century.

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