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2005 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Great Lakes Historical Society,
Maritime Archaological Survey Team, and
ODNR Office of Coastal Management

For the past five years, Great Lakes Historical Society, Maritime Archaeological Survey Team, and ODNR's Office of Coastal Management have worked together to promote awareness of Ohio's Lake Erie shipwrecks. Great Lakes Historical society employees have traveled throughout northeast Ohio, presenting educational programs to over 1500 people. Displays at events like 'Shipwrecks and SCUBA' in Sandusky and the Tall Ships Festival in Cleveland have featured information on shipwreck history, safe diving techniques, and Ohio's shipwreck law. A yearly underwater archaeology workshop promotes understanding of shipwrecks and how to protect them. Students get a chance to practice their skills on land with a mock shipwreck, and then map small sunken crafts in the controlled environment of a quarry. Each student who completes the workshop is considered a full member of Maritime Archaeological Survey Team. Over the past seven years, more than 150 people have been involved in surveying five historic shipwrecks: the Adventure, WR Hanna, PH Prince, the Craftsman, and the Dundee. Each survey ends in publication of a waterproof dive slate with a short history of the wreck, a sketch of the ship before it sank, and a site plan with the most interesting features highlighted. Related reports offer a more in-depth look at each ship. This year, five high school students were invited to become charter members of a new program dedicated to involving Ohio youth in shipwreck preservation. By working together, the three organizations have helped educate thousands of Ohioans about the significance of our state's historic shipwrecks and the value of preserving them.

Thank you for your interest in The Ohio Historical Society!

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