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2005 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award Recipients

Delhi Township Board 
  of Trustees / Preservation Architecture Services Team receives award
Delhi Township Board of Trustees / Preservation Architecture Services Team

Built in 1796 to shelter a spring that served as a rest stop and a source of water for early travelers, the Stone Springhouse is the oldest building in Delhi Township. The stone walls and floor, and flowing water from a natural spring kept the interior cool. Used for more than a century, the spring supplied fresh water as late as 1937. To restore the Springhouse for the Delhi Township Board of Trustees, architects Bruce Goetzmann and John Schueler of Preservation Architecture Services Team and contractor Architectural Reclamation dismantled the walls, numbering each stone so it could be reassembled in its original position, then built a reinforced concrete footing below as part of a new retaining wall system. The stone floor was reset, the stone walls were reassembled, and the roof was replaced with new wooden shingles. The old wooden plank door was repaired and reinstalled, and stone retaining walls adjacent to the Springhouse were rebuilt. A new stone-faced steel-reinforced concrete retaining wall was added along Delhi Pike, and a new parking area provides three off-road spaces. Returning the Stone Springhouse to its original condition has provided Delhi Township with a signature entrance and has restored a source of community pride.

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