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Search the full text of the roster from the Adjutant General records. Ohio furnished 1,759 Officers and 24,521 enlisted men for this war.

Brought to you by the Ohio Vital Information for Libraries Center (OVIL), a grant-funded project of OHS supported by the State Library of Ohio and OPLIN.

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Search Tips:
Officers and ranked men other than Private are listed with their rank preceding their names in the Roster in FIRSTNAME LASTNAME order (such as Corp Lister Bashnell or Fifer Isaac Conover).

Enlisted men are listed in the Roster in columns under the heading of Privates in LASTNAME FIRSTNAME order (such as Neysemauger David or Sibral Nicholas).

Search names both ways for the most complete results-- the search James Johnson OR Johnson James will return both enlisted men and ranked men with the firstname James and lastname Johnson.

The searchJames Johnson will find the ranked man listed as James Johnson but will NOT find the enlisted man who is listed as Johnson James. The search James AND Johnson will find all instances of James and Johnson in a document (one page of the Roster), but not necessarily in the same soldier's name or in close proximity to each other.

Accuracy and OCR:
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program used to create the online index takes a scanned image (an electronic snapshot image of the Roster page) and processes it into a text file, matching the shapes of the letters as closely as possible. Errors can occur, particularly with letters and numbers of similar appearance.

Despite the use of the most up to date technology, and our best efforts, we anticipate that you may find errors in the data. Errors may originate from anywhere in the production process-- within the original Roster, the 1916 transcription, the OCR program misreading letters and numbers, or human error on the part of OVIL staff in correcting or verifying the OCR product. We estimate an accuracy rate of 95%.

Citations: Sources for the online searchable text
Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812. Adjutant General of Ohio. Transcription, 1916. R973.524471 A2.

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Historical Society!

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