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Microfilm Collections

The OHS Archives/Library contains the largest collection of Ohio's newspapers in existence-- 4,500 titles, 20,000 volumes, and almost 48,000 rolls of microfilm of Ohio titles (some microfilmed by the federally-funded Ohio Newspaper Project). The Society also manages an extensive collection of microfilm of government records and manuscript collections.

Microfilm is available for use in the Society's Research Room or through interlibrary loan. Many reels are available for purchase by the roll.

A complete list of all the newspapers, including both filmed and unfilmed (original paper) titles, that are available for use at the Ohio Historical Society's Archives/Library can be accessed using the Online Collection Catalog's Newspaper Database search feature.

Manuscripts and local government records are also available on microfilm. Significant manuscript collections include:

Wilbur Siebert Underground Railroad Collection. Siebert was a professor at the Ohio State University from 1891-1935. His research material on the Underground Railroad, collected over a period of fifty years, includes survey responses, interviews, and copies and notes from books, diaries, letters, photographs, newspapers, biographies, memoirs, speeches, annual reports, trial records, census records, and legislation.

The Boyd B. Stutler Collection of John Brown Papers (MIC 49). Consists of correspondence, documents, newspaper clippings, articles, speeches, radio scripts, broadsides, lithographs, and other materials by or about John Brown.

Warren G. Harding Papers (MIC 3). Microfilm collection includes papers, 1888-1923, of Warren G. Harding, editor of the Marion Star newspaper in Marion, Ohio, Ohio Senator and U.S. President, as well as related collections from the Harding Memorial Association and supporting collections collected by the Ohio Historical Society.

For other manuscript collections and local government records on microfilm, search the Online Collections Catalog.

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OHS established an in-house microfilming facility in 1971 to preserve the information published in the thousands of deteriorating woodpulp newspaper volumes it then held. During the past quarter century, an ongoing program has resulted in the production of more than 16,000 rolls of master negative microfilm and the consequent preservation of hundreds of Ohio's newspapers.

OHS offers microfilm for purchase as a public service. Film sold by the Ohio Historical Society is custom produced on demand in 35mm vesicular positive format. Please note that you may order complete or partial sets (i.e. three rolls out of a 25 roll set).

Access to Ohio newspaper MICROFILM is through two different, overlapping, categories and databases

  1. Rolls that are available for USE only (Microfilm Holdings List/Ohio Newspaper Index), identified by call number (Roll 40568).
  2. Rolls that are available for PURCHASE, identified by location number (B29496). OHS owns master negative film for these. The microfilm sales data base is currently offline.

Microfilm HOLDINGS List - The Ohio Newspaper Index
SEARCH by TITLE, CITY, or COUNTY, to find microfilmed newspaper titles held by the Archives/Library for use in the A/L Research Room or through interlibrary loan. This is not a subject index to the content of the papers themselves - individual articles are not indexed here.

For information on research requests, please visit the Copy and Research Requests page.

Searchable index brought to you by - the Ohio Vital Information for Libraries Center (OVIL).

Hardcopy Indexes
Indexes of newspaper contents. Arranged by county, these microform and bound hardcopy indexes are available for use in the A/L Research Room at OHS.

For questions contact:

Duplication Services
Collections Division
Ohio Historical Society
800 E. 17th Ave
Columbus, OH 43211-2571
voice: 614/297-2530
fax: 614/297-2546

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Historical Society!

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