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Transparency Collections

The finding aids for selected transparency collections in this listing will be added shortly to the Ohio Historical Society's Web site. Continue to check this site as additional finding aids will be added on a regular basis.

Use of many of the transparency collections requires an appointment. Please call (614) 297-2544, email, or write (Archives/Library Division, Audiovisual Section, 1982 Velma Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211) to make an appointment.

T1 - Ohio Department of Education General Instruction Collection - Extensive collection of lantern slides used for educational purposes, including subjects on the history and resources of Ohio as well as more general topics.

T2 - Ohio Historical Society Education Department Collection - Lantern slides of archaeological and state sites.

T4 - Robert Jones "Wonderful World of Ohio" Collection - Extensive collection of 2x2 and 35mm transparencies originally taken for "Wonderful World of Ohio" (ca. 1965-ca. 1970).

T5 - Cleveland Public Schools School Garden Collection - Lantern slides of the Rosedale School vegetable and kitchen gardens in Cleveland, Ohio (1906-1912).

T6 - Bill Arter Transparency Collection - Large collection of 35mm transparencies of Ohio sites (concentrating on Columbus) originally used as guides for sketches that were published in the Columbus Dispatch (ca. 1960s).

T7 - Dayton Mental Health Center Collection - Lantern slides of the Dayton State Hospital (originally the Southern Ohio Lunatic Asylum) buildings, grounds, staff, and patients (ca. 1900-ca. 1920).

T8 - Ohio State Highway Patrol Collection - 35mm transparencies taken for the slide presentation "Highway of Agony" (ca. 1968).

T9 - Ohio Covered Bridges Collection - 35mm transparencies of covered bridges throughout Ohio.

T10 - Orville C. Jones Ohio and Labor History Collections - 35mm transparencies relating to Ohio history and to labor history in general.

T11 - Ohio Mills Collection - 35mm transparencies of Ohio water-powered mills and related subjects (ca. 1950s-ca, 1960s).

T12 - Joseph E. McElroy Covered Bridge Slide Collection - 35mm transparencies of covered bridges throughout Ohio.

T13 - Ohio Historical Society 1939 World's Fair Ohio Exhibit - Plastic transparencies of the illustrations and portraits relating to Ohio history and used for the Ohio exhibit at the 1939 World's Fair (1939).

T14 - Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission Collection - 35mm slides of various Ohio subjects relating generally to the activities of MORPC (ca. 1960s-ca. 1970s).

T16 - I.T. Frary Transparency Collection - Transparencies (mostly film 2x2) primarily Frary's personal photographs and a series of slide presentations the bulk of which are tourist type images from the eastern US (ca. 1915-ca. 1960).

T17 - Ohio American Revolution Bicentennial Advisory Commission Collection - 35mm transparencies relating to the bicentennial celebration (ca. 1976).

T18 - Unknown Faces of Ohio Collection - 35mm transparencies made from Archives/Library photograph holdings intended but not used in the Ohioans Hall of Fame (ca. 1960s).

T19 - John D. Harmer Xenia, Ohio Tornado (1974) Collection - 35mm transparencies of the damage and general aftermath of the Xenia tornado (1974).

T20 - Edna M. Clark Ohio Art & Artists Transparency Collection - Lantern slides of work by Ohio artists.

T21 - Dolores Cameron Venable Memorial Transparency Collection - Transparencies primarily of famous people.

T23 - Leland Beard Transparency Collection - 2x2 transparencies relating to the United Glass and Ceramics Workers of North America (ca. 1940s-ca. 1960s).

T24 - Ohio Expositions Commission Transparency Collection - 2x2 transparencies of the flower show at the Ohio State Fair (ca. 1950s-ca. 1960s).

T25 - Camp Fire Girls, Columbus (Ohio) Area Council Transparency Collection - 35mm slides documenting trips and activities (ca. 1960s).

T29 - Clintonville (Ohio) Area Residents Association Clintonville Eyesores Transparency Collection - 35mm transparencies presented at a public meeting for Columbus Mayor, Tom Moody, and his cabinet (1973).

T30 - Edward Orton, Jr. Lantern Slide Collection - Stereo lantern slides from Orton's trips to Europe (ca.1900s-1920s).

T31 - 17th Star - Bicentennial Minute Program Transparency Collection - 35mm transparencies relating specifically to the history of Ohio produced for public broadcast (1975-1976).

T32 - E. Sanford Keairns Covered Bridges and Charcoal Furnaces Transparency Collection - 35mm transparencies of covered bridges and charcoal furnaces.

T33 - Roland A. Sedgewick Transparency Collection -35mm transparencies of Columbus and central Ohio subjects.

T34 - United Community Council (Columbus, Ohio) Transparency Collection - 35mm transparencies used in audiovisual presentations for the United Way.

T36 - Ohio Forestry Association, Inc. Transparency Collection - 35mm transparencies primarily of Henry Crawford's Christmas tree farm in Ashtabula County, Ohio (ca. 1944-ca. 1963).

T37 - August Mahr Barn Symbols Transparency Collection - Lantern slides of barns, barn symbols, and related subjects produced in connection with "Origin and Significance of Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Symbols" (ca. 1945).

T38 - Ohio Historical Society "Images for Everyone" Transparency Collection - 35mm transparencies relating to the history of photography produced for a multimedia presentation.

T39 - Edward S. Thomas Transparency Collection - 35mm transparencies of wildflowers and landscapes.

T49 - Ohio Department of Transportation Transparency Collection - Extensive collection of transparencies (primarily 2x2) of Ohio landmarks, sites, and scenes (ca. 1960s).

T50 - Federal Glass Company Transparency Collection - Transparencies (primarily 2x2) relating to the organization and activities of the Federal Glass Company (ca. 1940s-ca. 1970s).

T51 - Hadley Photography Studio Transparency Collection - Primarily 35mm transparencies of St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1950s).

T53 - Hambleton Family Transparency Collection - Lantern slides and 35mm transparencies of Chile and Peru (ca. 1900).

T54 - William M. Johannes Transparency Collection - 35 mm transparencies of birds, insects, flowers, and other nature subjects (ca. 1960s-ca. 1970s).

T56 - Ohio Department of Transportation Transparency Collection - 35mm transparencies of highways and interchanges (ca. 1950s).

T58 - Floods - Ohio, 1913 Transparency Collection - Lantern slides of aftermath of 1913 flood, primarily Columbus and Dayton.

T60 - New York's World Fair Transparency Collection - Lantern slides of World's Fair sights (1936).

T61 - Ohio Society of Professional Engineers Transparency Collection - Transparencies from the Burr Oak Conference and related to the National Society of Professional Engineers and the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers (1971).

T62 - Educational Museum Lantern Slide Collection - Lantern slides originally used to teach social studies and mathematics at a junior high school level (1938-1940).

T63 - Hugh N. Brown Transparency Collection - 35mm transparencies used in Brown's multimedia presentation on the celebration of the bicentennial of the American Revolution.

T64 - Columbus (Ohio) Area Chamber of Commerce Transparency Collection - 2x2 transparencies used in the slide presentation "Cities of Progress: This is Columbus" and showing various historical and contemporary scenes (1958).

T82 - Clarence A. Swoyer Transparency Collection - 4x5 transparencies of sites and views around Ohio (ca. 1940s).

T85 - Ohio Governors Portrait Transparency Collection - 2 1/4x2 1/4 transparencies of the portrait paintings of Ohio Governors hanging in the Ohio Statehouse.

For questions on the Audiovisual Collections, email

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