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Joe Munroe is a photojournalist, film maker, and environmental activist. His archives includes more than 59,000 photographic negatives and over 300 reels of film, videotape, and audiotape, as well as approximately 3000 photographic prints and nearly 4000 color transparencies, and archival and memorabilia materials relating to all aspects of his career.

The Ohio Historical Society acquired the Joe Munroe Archives in May 1997 and is pleased to provide this selection for viewing. Please be aware that any use and/or reproduction from this site requires permission.

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Subject Listing for Photographs and Transparencies

  • Livestock
  • Crops
  • Rural Processes & Infrastructure
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Garst/Pioneer Hybrid Corn (Roswell Garst
  • Malabar Farm (Louis Bromfield)
  • Architecture & Buildings
  • Cities & Business
  • Places & Environment
  • General
  • People
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    Livestock A: Beef cattle, beef & dairy feedlots, cats, dairying & dairy cattle, dogs, western cattle roundups

    Livestock B: Antelope, buffalo, deer, goats, hamsters, horses, mules, pigs, rabbits, raccoons, rats, sheep, skunk
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    Poultry & Creatures: Bees, birds (various), chickens & eggs, crawdads, crows, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, insects, pheasants, toads, turkeys
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    Crops A: Broomcorn, castor beans, corn, flax, grains, rice, sorghum, soybeans, sugar beets, sugar cane, wheat

    Crops B: Alfalfa, almonds, asparagus, barley, cabbage, carrots, celery, clover, coffee, cotton, ferns, fish, fruits, grapes & winemaking, grasses, greenhouses, hay, herbs, hops, lettuce, mint, multi-flora rose hedge, mushrooms, nurseries, nuts, oats, onions, orchards, orchids, pastures, peanuts, potatoes, pumpkins, pussy willow, roadside produce stands, safflowers, seaweed & kelp, silage, skunk cabbage, strawberries, sunflowers, tea, tobacco, tomatoes, vinegar
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    Rural Processes & Infrastructure: Aerials, airports, blacksmiths, bridges, buildings, churches & cemeteries, computers, fields & field work (general), irrigation, land, machinery, mailboxes, ponds, railroads, rural roads, seasons, scenics, signs (eg: Burma Shave), small-town scenes, stores, water, weather, woodlots
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    Agricultural Technology: Air applications, diseases, chemicals & fertilizers, genetics, insects, research, science, technology, veterinary
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    Garst/Pioneer Hybrid Corn: Roswell Garst, families, people, farm work, scenes, crops, livestock, buildings, Nikita Khrushchev visit
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    Malabar Farm: Louis Bromfield, families, people, farm work, scenes, crops, livestock, buildings
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    Architecture & Buildings: Cranbrook Academy of Art, Frank Lloyd Wright, Eliel Saarinen, Taliesen, other architects, buildings, construction, houses, models
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    Cities & Business: Aircraft, airports, bridges, churches, city life & skylines, commerce, education, financial, food, harbors, highways & freeways, hospitals, industry, land use, medical, mining, movies, oil, paper, publishing, railroads, religion, science, timber, water systems
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    Places & Environment: Beaches, boats, cathedrals, churches, dams, flowers & plants (some close ups), historic sites (some people), hotels, lodges, markets, museums, national, state & city parks, monuments and wild places, nature, travel, rivers & rafting, scenics, tourist activities
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    General: Art & crafts, abstractions, camps, demonstrations, entertainment, exhibitions, film making & photography, graphics, illustrations, music, parades, parks & playgrounds, painting, photo experimentation, posters, sculpture, sports & recreation
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    People: Group A: Children, cooking, culture, education, fairs, families, social life & work, food, generic characters, hands (close ups), housekeeping, labor and unions, portraits, sports & recreation, religion

    People: Group B: Actors, artists, athletes, celebrities, editors, entertainers, executives, general portraits, laborers, models, musicians, photographers, politicians, scientists, singers, students, teachers, writers all to include: Dean Acheson, Ansel Adams, Louis Bromfield, Pat Brown, David Brower, Wynn Bullock, Harry Callahan, Caryl Chessman, Evan Connell, Bing Crosby, Carmen Dragon, Charles Eames, Robert Anthony Eden, Richard Feynman, Roswell Garst, Alex. Girard, Charles de Gaulle, Andrew Grove, Richard Gump, Herbert Hoover, Henry Beetle Hough, Peter Hurd, Georgia O'Keefe, "Scoop" Jackson, Richard Lloyd Jones, Josephine Johnson, Nikita Khrushchev, Dorothea Lange, Henry Cabot Lodge, "Sonny" Miller, George Miller, Byron Nelson, Richard Nixon, Linus Pauling, Eliot Porter, Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Donald Russell, Arthur Siegel, Wallace Stegner, Adlai Stevenson, Ralph Sutton, Lowell Thomas, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc.


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