On the Road:

Travel Photographs from the Collections of the Ohio Historical Society

The Ohio Historical Society's photograph collections span the history of photography, from the early 1840s through the present day, as it relates to Ohio and Ohioans. The diversity of the collections is extensive. As would be expected, the photographs illustrate the state and its history, but they also go beyond the borders of the state.

The photographs selected for the Web version of this exhibit, represent only a small portion of the images depicting locations outside Ohio that can be found among the collections. Made or acquired primarily by people from Ohio as they traveled throughout the world, the images in the exhibit portray six states and five foreign countries. The purposes of the journeys to these places are as disparate as the images themselves: perhaps a vacation, or a relocation, or a business-related trip, or some combination. Regardless of the reasons for traveling from Ohio, the photographs remain documents of the rich and eventful lives of people who, at some point in time, called Ohio home.

Please note that these images are the property of the Ohio Historical Society and permission is required for reproduction and/or use.

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