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Ephemera Collections

The finding aids for selected ephemera collections in this listing will be added shortly to the Ohio Historical Society's Web site. Continue to check this site as additional finding aids will be added on a regular basis.

Use of many of the ephemera collections requires an appointment. Please call (614) 297-2544, email, or write (Archives/Library Division, Audiovisual Section, 1982 Velma Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211) to make an appointment.

CA1 - Josephine Fish Peabody/Puck Cartoons Collection - Partial and complete issues of Puck (1883-1903).

E1 - Thomas H. Smith Collection - Greeting cards (ca. 1910-1950).

E2 - Jeanette Bell Thomas Collection - 3 volumes of galley proofs of Thomas's books (ca. 1930-1940).

E3 - Benjamin Platt Forbes Collection - Greeting cards, business and trade cards, invitations, programs, and tickets (ca. 1900-1950).

E4 - Mrs. Marion H. Brucker Collection - Business and trade cards (n.d.).

E5 - B'nai B'rith-Hillel Foundation at the Ohio State University Collection - Programs, notices, and printing plates (ca. 1940-1950).

E6 - Charles A. Jones Collection - Trade cards, calling cards, membership cards, tickets, and printing plates (ca. 1900-1950).

E7 - Bumper Sticker Collection - Political and other bumper stickers (n.d.).

E8 - Philip Harwick Collection - Programs, tickets, brochures, announcements (ca. 1945-1970).

E9 - Warren G. Harding Collection - Portraits on silk, drawings, prints (1920-1923).

E11 - George Bain Collection - Calling cards, memo pads, and political brochures (1978-1979).

E12 - W.K. Moorehead Collection - Printing plates, cards, tickets (ca. 1920-1930).

E13 - Vietnam Veterans Against the War Collection - Buttons, bumper stickers, and arm bands (ca. 1974-1976).

E14 - Mrs. Frank Koerner Collection - Valentines and Christmas cards (1937-1942).

E15 - Edward Orton, Jr. Collection - Programs, trade cards, greeting cards (ca. 1910-1940).

E16 - John Bricker Collection - Plaques, medals, certificates, and news stories (ca. 1920-1950).

E17 - Michael DiSalle Collection - Programs, invitations, memorabilia (ca. 1930-1970).

E19 - Ohio American Revolutionary Bicentennial Advisory Commission - Ohio College Bicentennial Program instructional kits (1976).

E21 - Grant Family Collection - Wedding anouncements and greeting cards (ca. 1900-1920).

E23 - Hess Family Collection - Receipts, invoices, appraisements, and legal notices (ca. 1870-1890).

E24 - Erwin Jones Family Collection - Greeting cards, needlepoint guides, and holiday booklets (ca. 1920).

E25 - Clarence J. Brown Collection - Greeting cards, announcements, and political programs (ca.1900-1960).

E26 - Josephine Fish Peabody Collection - Scrapbooks, sheet music, and certificates (ca. 1890-1940).

E27 - Ohio Historical Society Christmas Card Collection - Christmas cards (1843-1979).

E28 - Ohio Historical Society Advertising Card Collection - Trade and advertising cards (ca. 1860-1930).

E29 - Julia Eaton Jacoby Collection - Valentines (ca. 1900-1930).

E30 - Gladys Elliott Hamilton Collection - Scrapbooks of valentines (ca. 1898-1910).

E32 - John Hopley Family Collection - greeting and trade cards (ca. 1880- 1930).

E33 - Ohio Historical Society Greeting Card Collection - Valentines (ca. 1900-1925).

E34 - U.S. Office of Price Administration Rationing Program Collection - Ration coupons and stamps (1941-1945).

E38 - J.R. Gragg Collection - Scrapbook of clippings, currency, and certificates (1861-1865).

E39 - Columbus Victory Book Campaign in Ohio Collection - Scrapbook of newspaper clippings (1917-1918).

E40 - Jamestown Exposition Collection - Invitations to the Exposition (1907).

E42 - Ohio Department of Liquor Control Collection - Advertisements, menus, bottle labels (1945 - 1970s).

E43 - Myron B. Gessaman Collection - Badges, tickets, political memorabilia (ca. 1925-1970).

E45 - Ohio Society of New York Collection - Printers block and prints from magazines of OSNY meeting rooms (n.d.).

E46 - Norman E. Palmer Collection - Greeting cards (n.d.).

E47 - Mamie Hess Ephemera Collection - Scrapbook of greeting cards and newspaper clippings (n.d.).

E48 - Merci des Enfantes de France - Watercolor drawings and folk song recordings (n.d.).

E49 - Theatre Programs Ephemera Collection - Programs (1880s).

E50 - J.F. Seas & Sons, Orrville, Ohio Ephemera Collection - Letterhead with images of buildings or products from Ohio business establishments (n.d.).

E51 - Ohio Bankers Association - Badges and pins from OBA conventions (n.d.).

E52 - Baker Art Gallery Ephemera Collection - Invoices, letters, listings of people in portraits, and a log book (n.d.).

For questions on the Audiovisual Collections, email

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Historical Society!

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