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Engineering and Architectural Drawing Collections

The finding aids for selected drawing collections in this listing will be added shortly to the Ohio Historical Society's Web site. Continue to check this site as additional finding aids will be added on a regular basis.

Use of many of the drawing collections requires an appointment. Please call (614) 297-2544, email, or write (Archives/Library Division, Audiovisual Section, 1982 Velma Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211) to make an appointment.

DR1 - Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Engineering Drawing Collection - Drawings of locomotives and industrial machinery including glass grinding and polishing, meat packing, milk container, and others (1938-1965).

DR2 - Champion Bridge Company Records - Engineering drawings of bridges constructed by the company in Ohio and the southeastern United States (1920-1942).

DR3 - Edward A. Ramsey Architectural Drawing Collection - Drawings primarily of residential and religious structures in Ohio designed by Ramsey throughout his career. The collection also includes drawings of lighting fixtures designed by Ramsey and a number of presentation drawings (1905-1961).

DR5 - James W. McLaughlin Engineering Drawing Collection - Drawings of the Ohio State Building at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois in 1893 drawn by McLaughlin a Cincinnati architect. (ca. 1893).

DR6 - Brush-McCoy Pottery Company Drawing Collection - Engineering drawings of equipment used in the pottery industry (1910-1950).

DR7 - Benjamin Platt Forbes Engineering Drawing Collection - Drawings of plants and equipment related to the chocolate industry (ca. 1906-ca. 1919).

DR8 - Ohio Bridge Commission Engineering Drawing Collection - Drawings prepared for the construction of bridges built by the Ohio Bridge Commission (nd).

DR9 - Ohio Battle Monuments Commission Drawing Collection - Drawings, renderings, and plans of proposed monuments specifically at Montfaucon, Hattonchattel, Baccarat, and Eyne (nd).

DR12 - Hartman Theater and Building Architectural Drawing Collection - Drawings used in the design and construction of the Hartman Theater and Building in Columbus, Ohio (1910-1912).

DR13 - Albert D. Taylor Architectural Drawing Collection - Recreational and park structures mostly, but not exclusively, in Ohio designed primarily for the Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, as well as miscellaneous other projects (1922-1950).

DR17 - Elford, Inc. Construction Drawing Collection - Architectural drawings of a wide variety of Ohio projects including commercial structures, residences, educational and other institutions, and at least one viaduct (ca. 1910s-ca. 1920s).

DR21 - Galen F. Oman Architectural Drawing Collection - Columbus, Ohio architectural firm specializing in residential structures (1925-1964).

DR22 - Franklin Brewery (Columbus, Ohio) Architectural Drawing Collection - Blueprints of the brewery building in Columbus, Ohio (ca. 1903).

DR23 - Marconi Avenue Post Office (Columbus, Ohio) Architectural Drawing Collection - Stone cutting blueprints designed by Richards, McCarty, and Bulford (ca. 1934).

DR24 - Russell Fling Architectural Drawing Collection - The low to moderate-priced residential houses in and around Columbus, Ohio designed by Fling (1928-1960).

DR25 - Franklin Block Blueprint Collection - Floor plans and elevations of the buildings part of Franklin Block on Long Street in Columbus, Ohio (ca. 1906).

DR26 - Louis Karlsberger Architectural Records - Drawings the Methodist Childrens' Home (Worthington, Ohio) and the Hare Orphan's Home (Columbus, Ohio) as well as several residences (1929-1950).

DR27 - Gilbert Coddington Engineering Drawing Collection - Architectural drawings of a wide variety of projects including residences, cultural and educational institutions, religious and commercial structures, and a number of Historical American Building Survey (1896-1978).

DR28 - Patrick and Associates Architectural Records - Drawings primarily of educational structures in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area (1959-1970).

DR29 - Marion V. Packard Architectural Records - Landscape architecture drawings for a number of religious structures in Columbus, Ohio, but also including a local cemetery and the Battelle Memorial Institute West Jefferson (Ohio) Laboratory facility (1954-1975).

DR31 - Ralph Kempton Engineering Drawing Collection - Miscellaneous architectural drawings for several Columbus, Ohio public buildings (1919-1957).

DR32 - Mark Feinknopf Sr. Papers - renderings and sketches possibly made while a student at the Ohio State University and architectural drawings of 3 Columbus, Ohio residences (1910-ca. 1940s).

DR35 - Columbia Bridge Works Engineering Drawing Collection - Elevations, plans, views, and details of wood and iron truss bridges (ca. 1876-ca. 1877).

DR36 - Erasmus Gest Engineering Drawing Collection - Scaled drawings of bridges, locks, aqueducts, and other canal equipment drawn by Gest (ca. 1836-ca. 1840).

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