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Women's Resources --Women and Politics--

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MSS 6 Arthur Lovett Garford    1877-1933
Industrialist, politician and philanthropist. Papers and photos, are concerning the industrialization of Elyria, Ohio, Republican and Progressive politics.

MSS 14 John Wesley Henley     1835-1903
Methodist and Universalist minister and secretary of the Ohio Universalist Association. Personal and church correspondence; diaries, sermons and an unpublished biography of his wife, Sarah Ann Peak Henley.

MSS 27 James Garfield     ca. 1880-1889
Personal correspondence, draft of speech, bulletins and telegrams about Garfield's health after he was shot. Papers of Mrs. Garfield.

MSS 37 John Arthur Bingham    1848-1913
United States senator and minister to Japan. Letters and miscellaneous items which highlight Bingham's political positions. Also includes diaries and letters of Emma Bingham reflecting life in Japan and personal matters.

MSS 77 Mary E. Brown Lee     1893-1948
Politician and wife of Vernon E. Lee, of Westerville. Correspondence reflecting Mrs. Lee's activities as a member of the Republican Party and other groups, and personal correspondence with Warren G. and Florence K. Harding.

MSS 88 James C. Wood     1895-1923
Journalist, of Marion, Ohio. Miscellaneous items from the Marion Star and Marion Democratic Mirror, for which Woods worked; papers and clippings relating to women's suffrage activities in Marion, 1920; personal notes from Florence K. Harding and vouchers.

MSS 164 Hopley Family     1860-1957
Personal, business, and political correspondence, diaries, and account books, of a Bucyrus, Ohio, family of journalists and newspaper publishers.

MSS 270 AV Viola Romans    1803-1945
State legislator of Columbus. Addresses, radio broadcasts, programs, pamphlets and newspaper clippings, scattered correspondence, relating to the Women's Christian Temperance Union, women's suffrage and the Women's Republican Club of Ohio.

MSS 354 League of Women Voters of Ohio    1903-1979
Reports, minutes, programs, platforms, convention material, scrapbooks and yearbooks.

MSS 380 Lewis Cass and Frances Dewey Laylin      1896-ca. 1930
Lawyer, state representative, Ohio secretary of state and U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Interior. Correspondence, chiefly between Laylin and his family; history of Campus Martius; reports on legislative reform by Mrs. Laylin.

MSS 394 Gillette Hayden     1916-1927
Suffragist and dentist, of Columbus, Ohio. Correspondence, reports, legislative bills and pamphlets, relating to women's rights, National Woman's Party and the Altrusa Club.

MSS 414 Women’s State Committee of Ohio for Public Welfare    1944-1974
Correspondence, minutes, programs, clippings, and 25th anniversary material, of an organization of women's club leaders. Topics include prison reform, juvenile institutions, and mental health care.

MSS 419 Ohio Coalition for the Equal Rights Amendment   1972-1974
Statewide political organization to lobby for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

MSS 426 Ohio Commission on the Status of Women    1966-1974
Correspondence, minutes of executive and board of trustees meeting, presidential and committee reports, legislative bills for the commission's creation, codes of regulations, corporation and financial records, historical file newspaper clippings.

MSS 509 League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus 1919-1970
Minutes, bulletins, scrapbooks and research material on topics of interest to the League, including women's rights, communism, child welfare, urban renewal, natural resources and politics.

MSS 510 Frances Jennings Casement    1884-1946
Letters and association records of Casement while founding and leading the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association. Correspondents include Susan B. Anthony and Carrie Chapman Catt.

MSS 525 Clara Reynolds     1924-1933
First real estate saleswoman in Ohio (1922), member of the National Woman's Party and Republican Woman's Club, involved in suffrage movement. Scrapbook, constitution, correspondence, political speeches from club and general materials.

MSS 536 Equal Rights Amendment Collection    1973
Material gathered by Rep. Michael Delbane including testimony, petitions and correspondence to be presented in hearings held in the Ohio General Assembly before the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.
MSS 566 New Democratic Coalition of Ohio    1969-1976
Records of the New Democratic Coalition of Ohio collected by James F. Dougherty, member of the executive committee. Constitutions, minutes, financial records, campaign materials, correspondence and subject files.

MSS 577 First Ladies of Ohio Collection    1807-1971
Material on the wives of various Ohio governors used by Marilyn G. Hood in writing "The First Ladies of Ohio and the Executive Mansions."

MSS 580 Ohio International Women’s Year    1976-1978
Minutes, correspondence, committee reports, news releases and newspaper clippings of the Ohio Coordinating Committee for the International Women's Year, 1977.

MSS 694 Ellen Walker Craig     1948-1978
Correspondence, biographical information and memorabilia related to the political career and civic activities of Ellen Walker Craig, the first African American Women to be popularly elected to the office of mayor.

MSS 799 Columbus Area Women’s Political Caucus    1977-1982
Political action and lobbying group organized in 1977 to promote women in government. This collection consists of office files of the caucus including information on its structure, programs, women's issues and its affiliate groups the Ohio Women's Political Caucus and the National Women's Political Caucus.

MSS 833 Martha Wheatcraft    1885-1970
Clark family correspondence, political and business correspondence, Gallion Business and Professional Women's Club materials.

MSS 846 Getrude Walton Donahey    1974-1982
Democratic Party politician and Ohio State Treasurer. Correspondence, certificates, programs and related materials documenting Donahey's activities and responsibilities as State Treasurer of Ohio.

MSS 863 Donna Pope     1974-1981
Republican member of Ohio House from Parma, Ohio, 12th district. Papers include correspondence, legislation, research material and general subject files highlighting Pope's terms in the Ohio House and various issues with which she was involved.

MSS 909 National Woman’s Party     1912-1931
Correspondence, subject files, pamphlets and convention proceedings of the National Woman Suffrage Association.

MSS 932 Marigene Valiquette     ca. 1970-1980
Correspondence, meeting minutes, publications concerning the career of Ohio state senator Marigene Valiquette. Subjects of particular interest include the Equal Rights Amendment.

MSS 1023 Federated Democratic Women of Ohio   1913-1991
Histories, constitutions and bylaws, correspondence, convention programs, minutes, reports, etc.

MSS 1025 Franklin County Woman Suffrage Association    1914
Correspondence relating to activities of the organization.

MSS 1108 Columbus Area Women’s Political Caucus   1980
Position papers, Treasurer's reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, 1980s, flier, announcements, invitation, etc.

MSS 1121 Dorothy C. Robinson    1950-1960
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, personal records, photographs, slides and other misc. materials documenting the career of Robinson as an employee of the US State Dept in Sudan, Korea and Vietnam.

VFM 794 Mary Horton Papers   December 6, 1886
Letter, Dec. 6, 1886, from Mary Horton, Pomeroy, O., to George H. Lord asking for support in her attempt to gain the office of engrossing clerk of the Ohio senate.
VFM 1269 Maria Carlisle Papers   April 18, 1865
Letter, April 18, 1865, from Maria Carlisle, Cincinnati, O., to Mrs. Edward Hooker, North Orange, N. J., telling of Cincinnati's reaction to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
VFM 2471 Elma Powell Valentine Papers   1929 - 1933, 1965
Newspaper clippings and other biographical data on E. Valentine, state legislator (1929-1930) and leader of Women's Republican Club of Ohio (1930s). Also contains information on E. Valentine's parents and memorials to Elma upon her death (1965.)
VFM 2472 Katherine Aman Seibert Papers   1904 - 1949
Material collected by Siebert on the history of women's suffrage including newspaper clippings, two typescript articles ("Ten Years of Woman Suffrage" by Agnes Bryant Dickinson, and "Nathaniel Hawthorne's Daughter: Rose Lathrop Builds Hospital for Incurable Cancer Patients," by K.A. Siebert), and three TLS -two to Mrs. Myron Siebert, re. membership on child welfare committee (1918) and one to K.A. Siebert, re. founder of the National Woman's Party (1922.)
VFM 2893 Kenyon Hayden Rector Papers    ca. 1915
Typescript history entitled, "Women Awake!", by Rector, member of the National Advisory Council of the Woman's Party, outlining the woman's suffrage movement since about 1914.
VFM 3160 Delaware County Ladies Republican Club (Ohio) Newspaper Clippings
Photocopies of newspaper clippings removed from the minute book of the Delaware County Ladies Republican Club, cataloged as VOL 1089 in the collections of the Ohio Historical Society. Clippings report on important speakers and topics of discussions conducted under club sponsorship, 1930 - 1932.
VFM 4512 Mass SuffrageConvention   January 31, 1912
Program for a mass suffrage convention held Jan. 31, 1912 at the Chamber of Commerce Auditorium in Columbus. Speakers include H. Anna Quimby, Ella Haas, Edith Weld Peck, and Katharine Waugh McCulloch.
VFM 4874 Julia Ward Howe Letters   1910
Two letters of May 18 and [May 26], 1910 from Julia Ward Howe to Mrs. H.L. Campbell of Delaware, Ohio discusses the Progress Club to which Mrs. Campbell belonged, education and suffrage for women, and some of Howe's works. Letters were kept in accompanying envelope by the Campbell family.
VFM 4900 George Stranigan Correspondence   August 12, 1910
Postcard addressed to George Stranigan of Columbus, Pa. from his sister, Lizzie, has a satirical cartoon about the women's suffrage movement, illustrated by Wall, and copyrighted by Ullman Mfg. Co.
VOL 1089 Minute Book of the Delaware County Ladies Republican Club (Ohio)
Minutes of the Delaware County Ladies Republican Club monthly meetings include club election news and results, talks presented by local and national political figures on issues of current importance, and a membership list, 1928 - 1933. Go to top

State Archives

SA 2255 Attorney General, Equal Rights Amendment Task Force Files 1974-1978
Correspondence, financial records, and committee reports.
SA 2527 Secretary of State, Petitions for Woman Suffrage 1914
Includes name of signer, address, ward, precinct, date, and county.

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MSS 694 AV Ellen Walker Craig    ca. 1970-1975
Photographs of Ellen Walker Craig who served as mayor of Urbancrest, Ohio from 1971 - 1975. She was the first African-American woman to be popularly elected to the office of mayor in the United States. [Related to MSS 694, Ellen Walker Craig Papers]
SC 721 Ohio Council of Republican Women Board of Directors    1948
Photograph of the board of directors of the Council at their meeting in Columbus, Ohio.
SC 1492 Woman Suffrage    1914
Two photographic postcards documenting suffrage parade in Columbus, Ohio.
SC 3459 Mary B. Lee    ca. 1920-1929
Portraits of Mary B. Lee who was an Ohio Republican Party worker and appointed postmistress by President Warren G. Harding in 1922. [Related to MSS 77, Mary B. Lee Papers]
A 32 Warren Van Tine Ohio Equal Rights Amendment 1973
Cassette tapes of the Equal Rights Amendment hearings of the Ohio House of Representatives conducted in 1973.
A 37 League of Women Voters    ca. 1960-1970
Reel to reel tape recordings relating to the organization and activities of the League of Women Voters.
A 40 Attorney General, Ohio Task Force on the Equal Rights Amendment     ca. 1974-1978
Cassette tapes relating to the activities of the Task Force.
A – VFM 33 WOSU Radio, Ohio House of Representatives Debate on Equal Rights Amendment    1973
Cassettes of Ohio House of Representative hearings on Equal Rights.
MSS 270 AV Viola D. Romans   ca. 1860s-1940s
State legislator of Columbus. Photographs of Romans and her family. Also, included photographs of Women’s Christian Temperance meetings
P 4 Martha Wheatcraft (unprocessed) ca. 1945-1975
Female county election board member, Ohio and National Republican Party member.
P 146 Warren G. Harding    ca. 1850-1925
15 bound volume of photographs that include family, famous people, trips, and political and memorial subjects.
P 156 Hopley Family    ca. 1857-1950
Photographs of the John Hopley Family, Bucyrus, Ohio. Also included photographs of women suffrage parades.
P 162 League of Women Voters    ca. 1919-1969
League activities, individual and group portraits of leaders, suffragists.
P 206 Ohio General Assembly, House of Representatives 1868-1956
Portraits of representatives who served in the Ohio General Assembly.
V 25 Ohio Federation of Republican Women Film 1950-1966
Films related to political and governmental issues, including Communism, government waste, and voter apathy.
V – VFM 55 League of Women Voters    n.d.
Film titled "Kill Only the Ivy" produced by Washington Video and two films labeled "Women Voters."
V – VFM 60 Oh Dear! A History of Woman Suffrage in Ohio ca. 1978
Film about suffrage movement in Ohio produced by Linda Thornburg.

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Published Materials

320.977105 W842 Woman’s Political Pathfinder by Margaret E. Baker.
323.3405 N213 The National Women’s Newsletter: Ohio Edition
324.305 Oh3 Ohio Woman Voter by Ohio League of Women Voters.
324.306 C723a Voter, the League of Women Voters Metropolitan Columbus. 1994.
324.306 Oh3h Headquarters News Bulletin of the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association by the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association.
324.306 Oh3y Yearbook of the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association by the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association.
324.623 Ab29h The History of Woman Suffrage and the League of Women Voters in Cuyahoga County, 1911-1945 by Virginia Clark Abbott. 1949.
324.623 R193L Let Ohio Woman Vote: The Years to Victory, 1900-1920 by Eileen R. Rausch. 1988.
396.06 OH3p Proceedings of the Ohio Women’s Convention, 1850
396.06 W84p The Proceedings of the Woman’s Rights Convention held at Akron, Ohio, May 28 and 29, 1951
Ohio Docs 353.977100813 Oh3a Annual Report of the Women’s Policy and Research Commission
920.0771 H861f The First Ladies of Ohio edited by Marilyn G. Hood. 1970.
922.7 St49 Life of Mrs. Ellen Stewart by Ellen Stewart. 1856.
B M365m Vicky: A Biography of Victoria C. Woodhull by M. M. Marberry. 1967.
B St71F Soul Mates: the Oberlin Correspondence of Lucy Stone and Antoinette Brown, 1846-1850 edited by Carol Lasser and Marlene Deahl Merrill. 1987.
B Up83 Random Recollections of Harriet Upton Taylor by Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana Association. 1955.
B W858und The Woman Who Ran for President: The Many Lives of Victoria Woodhull by Lois Beachy Underhill. 1995.
Ohio Docs OAT 68.2: C648/974 Study of the Ohio Revised Code Presented to the Task Force for the Implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment
PA Box 95 35 Address of Senator Atlee Pomerene at a Meeting of Ohio Democratic Women Voters, Southern Hotel, Columbus, Ohio, May 12th, 1922.
PA Box 422 5 The Equal Rights of Citizens. Read at the Annual Meeting of the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association at Cleveland, Ohio, May 26, 1887.
PA Box 224 4b Minutes of the Annual Convention of the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association.
PA Box 43 11 Ohio was There, 1948. [Written for the occasion of the presentation of the Frances Jennings Casement Suffrage Collection to Ohioana Library.
PA Box 60, 11 No Female Suffrage! Attila. Theology, Logic, Anatomy, Physiology and Philology United, to Establish the Truism That the Woman is No Human Being ...
PA Box 224, 4 Program of Annual Convention of Ohio Woman Suffrage Association
PA Box 379 14 Women Who Have Served in the Ohio General Assembly
PA Box 463 14 Action Manual: Ohio Coalition for Equal Rights Amendment
PA Box 517 3 The Worlds of Ohio Women

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