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Rights and Responsibilities in History
Selections from the Ohio Historical Society's Collections

Abolition - Underground Railroad
Many Ohioans demonstrated their responsibility to fight for the rights of slaves through support of the Underground Railroad and other abolition activities in the early 1800s.

Civil Defense
One of the national and state government's responsibilities is to provide civil defense; however many citizens have worried about the protection of their rights under times of increased civil defense.

Civil Rights: 1960s-Present
Ohioans, like the rest of the nation, reacted strongly to racial discrimination and the civil rights movement of the late twentieth century.

Civil War Prisons
Accounts from Northern and Southern prisons of the Civil War portray the differing rights and responsibilities of soldiers and governments in wartime.

Environmental Protection
The people of Ohio have fought to protect the rights of the environment in the twentieth century; some examples include creation and maintenance of parks and natural habitats and the responsibility of waste disposal practices.

Labor Rights and Responsibilities
Ohioans have exercised their labor rights from the nineteenth century to the present, through unions and labor strikes.

Ohio Law and Government
From territory through statehood, Ohio and its inhabitants have had varying rights and responsibilities.

Religious Reform
Many early Ohio settlers came to the New World as a reaction against oppressive governments in their homelands. The Moravian Missionaries and the Separatist Society of Zoar are two well-documented examples of religious societies in early Ohio.

Student Rights
Ohio campuses were the scene of many student protests, including the tragic events at Kent State University.

Temperance and Prohibition in Ohio
The alcohol prohibition movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century had a groundswell of support in Ohio. Groups such as the Women's Christian Temperance Union (W.C.T.U.) and the Anti-Saloon League had large Ohio memberships and were very influential on a national and state level. Once prohibition succeeded, Ohio's government had new responsibilities.

Welfare Rights and Responsibility
Ohio branches of the National Welfare Rights Organization were involved in various demonstrations across the state in the 1960s.

Women's Rights
Large numbers of men and women in Ohio were active in the women's suffrage movement and voting reform of the early twentieth century.

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