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The Archives/Library's subject guides are intended to be used as research tools to help students and teachers find letters, journals, diaries, photographs and state and local government records related to select topics. These guides are intended as a starting point. In addition, please use our Online Collections Catalog to find material related to these topics or use Ohio Pix to search for related photographs online. For further information visit the Archives/Library at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio or use our off-site reference and copying services.

The subjects are divided into four categories of information: Manuscripts, Audiovisuals, State Archives and Published Material. The first three categories (Manuscript, Audiovisuals and State Archives) are primary source material. Primary sources are the evidence left behind by participants or observers of historical events that enable the student or researcher to get as close as possible to history. Published material is usually secondary sources of information based on research and study of primary sources.

History Day 2002: Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History

History Day 2003: Rights and Responsibilities in History

Women's Resources at the Ohio Historical Society


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