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Series I: Main Office Files
The bulk of this series comes from the files of G.J. Tankersley, who served as East Ohio Gas president from 1966-1973, American Gas Association chairman from 1971-1973, and Consolidated Natural Gas president from 1974-1979. Materials relate to his activities on behalf of EOG and his involvement in Greater Cleveland civic development. Also included are files from the presidency of Robert Ramsdell (1957-1966).

Series II: Corporate Secretary Records
This series includes the minutes of incorporation and minutes of the company's early years, as well as minutes from stockholders meetings, directors meetings, and Joint Conference meetings between the East Ohio Gas Company and Ohio Producing and Refining Company. Also included are the Cleveland Gas Light and Coke Stock Certificate Book and various records of claims against the East Ohio Gas Company.

Series III: Financial and Accounting Records
Series III includes the company's earliest financial and stock records, as well as other materials such as ledgers, operating budgets, deposit records, claims, and property valuations.

Series IV: Rates and Regulatory Services
In addition to the manuscript materials relating to rates and setting rates, this series also includes materials pertaining to PUCO hearings and decisions, and materials identified by EOG as "Decisions that Helped Shape the Natural Gas Industry," which are primarily early court and PUCO decisions relating to utility issues. Also included are materials on the effects of the 1946 Natural Gas Act and "Rate Return Allowed in Public Utility Rate Cases" for 1915-1973.

Series V: Gas Supply
This series includes contracts, leases with other companies, reports and printed materials relating to gas supply, underground storage, gas shortages, and statistics on natural gas usage.

Series VI: Planning and Operations
This series comprises materials on pipeline development, research on acquisitions, system surveys, and photographs of pipeline construction, drilling, and gas distribution facilities.

Series VII: Customer Service
Included in Series VII are materials and photographs on training, customer billing, repairs, service manuals for various gas appliances and furnaces, and customer surveys.

Series VIII: Employee Relations/Personnel
Materials on management training, position descriptions, salary evaluation program, communications, employee benefits and contracts, and photographs of employees on the job make up Series VIII.

Series IX: Construction and Maintenance
This series consists of photographs of pipeline construction, repair, cleaning, and inspection.

Series X: Buildings and Facilities
This series contains photographs of the various sites and types of facilities in the East Ohio system.

Series XI: Research and Industry-Related Booklets
Series XI is composed of journal articles and educational materials published by the natural gas industry and research studies conducted by and for the natural gas industry.

Series XII: Consolidated Natural Gas Company (CNG) Materials
EOG is an affiliated company of Consolidated Natural Gas. This series contains materials relating to and published by CNG, such as minutes of management committee meetings, department interviews and membership surveys.

Series XIII: American Gas Association (AGA) Materials
This series contains materials relating to and published by the American Gas Association. For additional materials relating to AGA, refer to Series I, the files of G.J. Tankersley.

Series XIV: Marketing and Home Service
Series XIV comprises materials on industrial marketing, including information on and photographs of industries that used natural gas. It also contains information and photographs related to marketing, sales, appliances and gas light sales, kitchen planning, cooking and recipes. Audio-visual materials include films, filmstrips, and cassettes.

Series XV: Employee Activities and Sports
This series contains extensive photographic documentation of employee sports activities. It also includes photographs of awards, picnics, and dances, along with related documents.

Series XVI: Annuitants
Newsletters, directories, surveys and photographs relating to annuitants (retirees), as well as audio and video oral histories of annuitants make up Series XVI.

Series XVII: Public Affairs
This series includes documents, photographs and audiovisual materials relating to such programs as United Way, scholarship programs, Cleveland Corporate Challenge, and various community groups in which EOG employees were involved.

Series XVIII: Number 2 Works Fire and Explosion
On October 20, 1944, a leak at the Number 2 Works Liquefaction Storage facility located in Cleveland caused an explosion and a fire that devastated 160 acres in Cleveland. Materials relating to that incident, such as damage reports, claims, newspaper clippings, photographs, and records rebuilding efforts, document the incident and its aftermath.

Series XIX: Company History and Historical Center
This series includes histories and summaries of the company, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, and materials relating to significant events and anniversaries. In conjunction with its 90th anniversary, EOG planned to create the East Ohio Gas Company Historical Center to serve as an archives/library and educational resource. Materials relating to the anniversary project planning, and the collection and preservation of company materials are included. This series also contains photographs, negatives, and proof sheets of various activities that were not integrated with the other materials. Many of these items are oversized. Newspaper articles, both loose and from scrapbooks, have been photocopied as a preservation measure, and to facilitate patron use.

Series XX: The East Ohio News/Bulletin Photographs
These photographs relate to the articles published in the monthly (later, quarterly) employee magazine from 1950 through 1963. The magazine, The East Ohio News, was renamed The East Ohio Bulletin in 1959. Articles featured employee hobbies, promotions, sporting events and tournaments, home service advice and recipes, various company sites and departments, innovations, and towns and businesses in the East Ohio service area. Also included are related photographer invoices and drafts of articles. The series is divided into sub-series by year, 1950 (a) through 1963 (n).

Series XXI: The East Ohio Gas Company Slides
Slide presentations prepared and presented by the company make up Series XXI. Slides document facilities and pipelines, Cleveland buildings and sites, Ohio industries that use natural gas, home service and consumer education, marketing, advertising and events, management meetings and United Way programs. There are also miscellaneous slides and historical images. Blank slides and color washes have been separated out.

Series XXII: The East Ohio Gas Company Films
This series is comprised of the films, reels and videos, produced and collected by the company. Topics covered include the laying, maintenance and operation of pipelines, CNG and AGA industry productions, news coverage of EOG events, interviews, history, and consumer information.

Series XXIII: Oversized and Special Materials
This series is comprised of those materials requiring oversized containers that could not be accommodated in the regular series order. Notices in the original folders refer to the appropriate container.

Series XXIV: EOG Exhibit
This series is composed of materials transferred to Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor in June 2000, consisting primarily of photographs and slides. Manuscript materials include Home Service Department recipe booklets, materials related to development of the East Ohio Gas Historical Center, and a printout of the EOG Archival Inventory. Books and periodicals removed and cataloged separately.


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