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Ohio Village Church banner
OHS Places
Illustration of the Ohio Village Church The Ohio Church serves as an important addition to the Ohio Historical Society's interpretation of the Civil War era at the Ohio Village, a pastoral town where costumed interpreters greet guests touring the 23 shops, residences, and public buildings. In the Church, visitors learn about the role of religion in the 1860s, and how people gathered at similar houses of worship to pray, socialize, help the needy, and debate issues of the day.

The one-story, brick, veneer facility, which replicates a Gothic Revival-style church typical of those found in mid 19th-century Ohio towns, contains a 57-foot bell tower with an authentic bronze bell that was cast by the Buckeye Bell Company of Cincinnati in 1883. Lancet windows, a Gothic Revival characteristics, are inset with stained glass made by Franklin Art Glass of Columbus.

The Church's gas-lit sanctuary and balcony together offer a seating capacity of 225. An adjacent Ladies' Parlor offers an appropriate setting for living history vignettes, with interpreters making quilts for church auctions or preparing baskets of food for the sick and aged.


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