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Fort Meigs

War of 1812 Timeline

Study the items on the timeline below and then try the game at the bottom of the page

War of 1812 Selected Dates


  • June 18 United States declares war on Great Britain
  • July 17 Fort Mackinac, Michigan Territory, falls to the British
  • August 15 Fort Dearborn (present-day Chicago) captured
  • August 16 Americans surrender Detroit


  • Januuary 18-22 American defeat at the Battle of the River Raisin, Frenchtown, Michigan Territory
  • February 2 Construction of Fort Meigs begins
  • April 28 May 9 First Siege of Fort Meigs
  • July 21-28 Second Siege of Fort Meigs
  • August 1-2 British repulsed at Fort Stephenson, Lower Sandusky, Ohio
  • September 5 Fort Meigs reduced in size
  • September 10 American victory at the Battle of Lake Erie
  • October 5 Battle of the Thames, Upper Canada (Tecumseh killed)


  • August 24 British capture and burn Washington D.C.
  • September 12-13 British attack Fort McHenry (Francis Scott Key writes the Star Spangled Banner)
  • December 24 Treaty of Ghent officially ends the War of 1812


  • January 8-9 Battle of New Orleans, Lousinia
  • May Fort Meigs abandoned by the United States Government

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