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Miami City Ohio July 21st 1813

Dr Sir

In your last, which was Feb 21st, you mention that there was some diffi- culty in geting the whole my subsistance acct. You also state that you had recd. $172 which you would bring with you ac! requested me to call on you for it on your return home, I intended to have done so, but the almost continual high water and other avolations prevented, untill you set out for the City of Washington again.

And I have not attended to getting the money since, nor dont e;:pect I shall till you return home again, or I hear from you, As I am now not in a hurry for it.

The Muster & Pay Roll of my Company for our services while stationed at Lorimies last sumner are made out & signed by the govt & I have expected for a long time that a Pay Master would be instructed to pay us in this State, and a number of others for services render'd at the same time, and under simular circumstances.

But hearing nothing on the subject I begin to expect we shallhave to send on the w hole of t ose accts to the War Office for payment.

I shall be very much obliged to you for information on the subject, & if those accts. must go on to the War Office, I would send mine to you, to settle them for me, if thereby I would not impose on you too much. Please to write to me and if you encourage me to send on, write what papers will be necessary to enable you to draw the money whether the Muster & Pay Rolls will be sufficient.

There has been no mischief done by the hostile Indians in this part of the country since you left Piqua till within a few days past, two men were killed oil the road traveling from Greenville to Preble County, the one about 9 miles from Greenville & the other on the same road about half that distance, one of my Neighbors assisted in burying them both.

There has also been one man kill'd at St Mary's by one of the Wapakanetta Indians. the fellow who commited the murder has been given up by the Chief to the Commanding officer at St Mary's (I understand he acknowledges the charge, and says he did it in retaliation for his Brother who was kill'd by one of our Rangers last Winter at Lorimies, in a mistake for a hostile Indians, I have heard that the [illeg. ] of death has been pass on him, and is sent to Genl. Harrison for his approbation or disapprobation.

Genl Harrison I believe is still lying on his Oars, where his head Quarters is at present, I know not, the main body of the troops are at Fort i ieigs

I recd by the Mail before last, the National Intelligencer from you, I have not wrote to you as often as I expected, be pleas'd to accept my acknow- ledgement for this inattention. And continue your favours to your Much Oblig'd & Hl Servt.

Wm Barbee




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