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Cambridge June 27th 1813

Dr Sir

Your favour of the 28th Ulto came duly to hand. the vouchers or receipts that you mentioned should have accompanied tile acct., were retained by the Governor. I mentioned at the time that I thought they should be sent on, but he said not, that the proper way, and the way that he had previously practiced was to certify the accounts and to hold the vouchers himself and that this statement I had no hesitation in leaving the vouchers with him for if the money could be obtained it was all I wanted

rely upon it sir this manner of transacting business tends to injure the cause greatly It prevents many from giving their warm support to the measures of Government that otherwise would if the business respecting the militia was setled with more promptness and dispatch

When I purchased some of those articles I had not the cash to pay down but informed the people that the government would pay for them in a short time and as soon as the money could be had I would procure it for them but few was willing to let any thing go on account of the Government -- but let them go on my individual responsibility to those of course I had immediately to pay up & those who in the first instance were willing to take the Government for pay became so clamorous that I had (in order to stop their mouths) to pay them up not one of them waited two months for their money -- Many of the men who serve in the militia at that time are becoming extremely anxious about their pay and pester me almost out of my life about it I have at length got the officers to make out their muster & pay Rolls and as soon as I can get them certified by the Governor I will forward them on -- Is there any probability that they will be paid off -- three or four of those men were killed and several wounded I think there ought to be some provision made for the families of some of those that were killed & also for some that were wounded perhaps some general law on the subject would be best -- If those accounts for furnishing the militia & the militia men themselves had been promptly paid the recruiting business in this state would have gone on much brisker than it has -- the pros- pects at this pla ce was very dull when Capt. Martin first commanded here but through his own industry and the assistance of a few of us here he has succ- eeded tollerably -rell he has here now I think about forty that he recruited himself how many his subalterns have I do not know -- If the money for that account cannot be had without the receipts mentioned, the first opertunity, I will send on to the Governor and get them for I suppose he has taken care of them he at least should have done so

Genl Harrison & the Gov, have again called on the State of Ohio for volunteers for 35 or 40 days to assist in retaking Michigan Teritory & reducing Malden - Yesterday I was informed that the day before an express had come on from Genl. Harrison (who was at Franklinton) to Genl Cass informing him that an express had just arived from fort Meigs informing him tlat they expected another attack shortly at the place by about 6000 British and their allies the new recruits have all been ordered to march immediately for Franklinton & Cleaveland at which place they will receive ulterior orders - least I tire your patience by adding to this which is perhaps already too long and which is badly written I small [illeg.] myself your obt servant & friend

Z. A. Beatty

The Honbl
Ths. Worthington




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