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Fruit hill Feby 10th. 1813

Dear Sir

The Legislature of this state adjourned on yesterday. On Saturclay Mr Morrow was elected to the senate of congress, the votes stood as follows, Morraw 63, Peas[e] 18 & 2 Blanks. The question or Bill for removing the temporary seat of Government was postponed until the first monday of Decr. next by a majority of two. Those who borded at the taverns in Chillicothe faired worse than usual, there is not a tolarable tavern in town, It is be- lieved that Mr. Ferree was sent here to drive away the temporary seat of Government. he has not yet effected it, and I believe there will but few trouble him next year.

All communication by mail by the Mariatta route, has been cut off for some time, what the cause is we have not yet learned. There is no official account yet recd. of our exchange; neither have we any notice of Hulls trial, from your letter I have no doubt but an exchange has taken place, and I determined to get out for Genl Harrisons head quarters on Sunday next, if the report of our exclunge should not be contradicted before that time. I shall, however, feel a little awkward without having an official act of my exchange with me. I hope the secretary of far will send me an official certificate of my exchange directed to the head quarters of the Northwestern Army.

At the request of Col. John Jones, Senator and Elector of President & vice President fron Hamilton county whose firm independent and genuine republican principles and character you are vrell acquainted with; I have to mention the manner in which lie and the republican cause was treated last fall by Major Jerumiah Morison, of Col. Cass' regt. The official certificate of Col. Jones election as elector was intrusted to Major Munson, as express, who was unfriendly in the reelection of Mr Madison. he passed on to Cincinnatti in due time, but intirely neglected notifying Col Jones until he axidentally fall in with the Major, in Cincinnatti, about 36 hours before the time that Col. Jones was to give his vote as Elector at Chillicothe after delivering the certificate aforesaid to Col. Jones, it is reported that the Major should have boasted that one of the Madison votes would be lost; this however was not the case as it respected Col. Jones. he immediately mounted his horse and without changing his clothes or stoping to rest or sleep he arived at Chillicothe in time to give his vote. you would not be troubled with this information, was it not reported that Major Munson is an applicant for the office of Lieut. Col or Major in the new army. I will add that Major Munson may be brave and make a good officer but that he has never yet been tryed, he was wounded by axident now after we arived at Detroit and he never done any duty afterwards. The Governor and Colo Cass rmay perhaps recommend Major Munson, but I do not think his appointment would give satisfaction to the Republicans of Ohio. I would myself much prefer the appointment of Col. Robert McConnell of Muskingum county, if Major Lockhart who served as Captain on Hulls campaign, is exchanged he would make an excellent officer.

respectfully yours

Duncan McArthur




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