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acquired Laurels on the Lake, Capt Hull, Rogers &c &c are all doing very well - but this is on the Element where the Feds have invited you to make war -- and now where the loseing with to meet you too - and seeing there is nothing but disasters by land, we must next have a fleet. It appears to me our Mer- chant Vessels converted into Privateers is our best fleet -- strange that men, willing to make peace with England on any terms should want a fleet, of what use is the fleet when we have peace -- I for one, want no peace, untill every Englishman is down from Canada - our rights on the Ocean restored and our seamen liberated -- then, and not till then, shall we have peace and quiet with the Indians.

Captain Cairns who was recommended the same time that Capt Herrn was (Herron was successful) but had Cairns been appointed, or was now in Herrons place, I really think he would get as many men in one Month as Herron has en- listed since he was Commissioned -- you know Major Todd is -- but this aside. Should more officers be commissioned, I hope you will not forget Cairns - you may rely on his making a good officer. he is a Capt. in the Volunteers who surrendered prisoner with Hull -- altho he surrendered, he is no traitor, I think but I have no doubt in my mind, but more in that Army than Hull were concerned in that disgraceful scene

Should you authorise the raising of more Corps, my Son Isaac would be gratified in an appointment in the army if you should think him worthy of it. He was Cairns Lieut, and had been sent home for a [illeg.] and consequently escaped becoming a prisoner of war

I have just been reading Mr. Quinceys speech on the Bill to augment the pay of the army &c. I presume it is the Federal Text & goes to show what you are to expect from the opposition this winter -- look out for squalls. I had not expected that as a party they would longer appoligize for, and justify the demands of the British Ministry - I still have a hope that the great body of Federalists will breake the cord with which, he is attempting to lead them to -

I am sir very respectfully yours obedt Huml Servt.

V Horne

Honl. T. Worthington




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