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will not agree to the line that is run. the U.S. comrs. have not returned, and I think it probable that the whole of the commissioners will not agree on a report, the East fork of the L miami was traced several miles up a prairie where there was neither channel nor water, the north fork of the L miami holds water for a longer distance from its mouth than the East fork, but there is neither of those forks known by the apelation of river, by those who reside on and near them they are called and lmown by the North & East forks, and neither called Miamies until they meet and I believe that the Virginia commissioners will contend that the river .iami ends at the forks, which indeed appears to be the understanding of the people in that quarter. The Virginia commissioners feel a little hurt at the U.S. commissioners not being sworen, whilst they themselves are, and that some of them act more like jackies than like impartial judges, however, this is moreperhaps than I ought to repeat. When the U.S. commrs. returns to Chillicothe we will perhaps hear what the final conclution will be, and I will again write you on the subject. For my own part I feel but little anxiety on the subject, as there is no line that can be established, but what will include all the locations which I have made.

You have been pleased to signify in your last that a paymaster can be appointed at this place to pay off my Regiment. I am confident it would be a great conveanence both to the officers and men if it could be done at the bank of Chillicothe Colo. John McDonald has been and is yet the Paymaster for my Regt. any security the government may wish, can be given for the money intrusted to him, and I have no doubt but we can furnish such vouchers and receipts as will be satisfactory to the Paymaster General Should Genl Taylor, however, send forward the money, before any further provisions are made which I much doubt, the other arrangements can cease.

Our legislature has been two days in session. I see nothing like party spirit among the members as yet. I shall endeavour to have nothing said about the past and advise more moderation for tire to come. How far I shall be able to keep this resolution on my own part, or make impressions on the minds of others, a few weeks will descide

I thank you for your kindness in paying for my N. Intelligencer. I will pay the 5$ to Mrs. Worhtington the first oppertunity.

I think you have often talked of leting me cut still wood in yours clear- ing, if you still continue in the same mind, I wish you would point out where, and what kind of wood I may have cut.

I am sorry to tire your patience with so long a letter, but must endeavour to be more brief hereafter.

very respectfully I am sir, yours

Duncan McArthur

Genl T. Worthington




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