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possibility of doubt, will prove to England, and t the enemies of our govern- ment at home that we are not so much divided as they expected -- And that we are a nation, prefer honorable war to disgraceful and dishonorable peace and that we are determined to support it --

Genl. Tupper had an engagement on the 13th Inst. with a party of Indians and British, at the rapids of the Miami of the Lake -who had come there for the purpose of gathering and taking away about four or five thousand bushels of corn, that had grown there -- Genl. Tuppers gained the information of their being there, by means of a British spy taken by a party of his men -some considerable distance from his camp -- and immediately marched to meet them -- I have not as yet seen the Genls official report of the engagement, but from the most correct accounts I have had the forces on each side were about equal -- and that Genl. Tupper defeated them, with some considerable loss -- the number of killed on the part of the enemy not yet known -- upon our side four men were killed, and some wounded -- Genl. Tupper had about 650 men engaged -- After the engagement he returned to his encampment at McArthur's blockhouse -

Our army have not yet moved on towards Canady, further, than when you left us, nor am I able to inform you when it will -- Genl Harrison is at this time at Franklinton with about 800 Cavalry well mounted and in complete uni- form, and about 300 Infantry, most of which are regulars -- Genl. Winchester is at Fort Defiance with the left wing of the army - Genl. Tupper is at Fort McArthur's with a part of the centre -- Genl. Leftwich is at Delaware, and commands the Virginia troops -- Genl. Crooks who commands the Pennsylvania troops is at Mansfield, and Genl. Perkins of this state is at or near Huron River -- The whole number of troops at the different encampments amount to about ten or eleven thousand --

The members elected to the next Congress from this States are Messrs McLean -- Campbell -- McArthur -- Kilbourne -- Caldwell -- and Edwards of Trumbull County --

I read the Presidents message and documents which you were good enough to send me for which I return you my thanks -- please to write me as fre- quently as you can make it convenient -- My respects to Miss Mary -- inform her, that all her female acquaintances, in this place are well --

I am very respectfully yours obt. Humble Servt.

John Miller

Genl Thos Worthington

NB I wish you would be so good, if it is not too much trouble, as to mention to the Adjutant Genl. that I am entirely destitute of winter clothing at this place, for [illeg.] and the recruiting service were of necessity go on very slow until clothing is furnished - I have applied at Newport Ky, for cloth- ing but could not obtain any --




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