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June 17th. 1812

My Dear Sir

I had the honor last Sunday to receive a line from you dated the 4th Inst. from the units in your letter I have concluded the important Question of peace or war has been decided before this time. I have had more anxiety in consequence of my not being present in my seat, than I have ever felt upon any political subject whatever. I had prepared myself to start, when I learnt that a recess was expected for a time, I dis- covered in the Newspapers that a Resolution to that effect had passed the house, I then concluded that a recess was certain and I went into Kentucky, after I learnt that the recess was abandoned, I understood that an adjournment was expected about the 15 of June and I then concluded that the important Question would not be taken prior to an adjournment and presuming that the adjournment would be but for a short time and that I would have my ride for nothing and would have to return in a very short time -- and thus It has happened that I am here yet for a considerable period of time the state of my family was such as to forbid my leaving home. I should be very glad to have your opinion when you think Congress will adjourn. I am now prepared to return, but appre- hending that if you have taken the main Question you will adjourn for a short time I shall wait untill I hear from you, unless I get some information through some other channel.

I have seen Lieut. Findley Since I rec. you letter. he informed me that he had sent his resignation to Govr Meigs long since conceiving that to be the proper mode I advised him to direct a line to the Secretary of War and I presume he will --

We have nothing but repeated accounts of Indian hostilities.

I wish that if you have taken a war step it may not be a premature one, but as I am not informed of the whole ground I cannot form a opinion but one thing I can say that it was the general belief as for as my acquaintance extended that Congress would have adjourned and thereby have given longer time for the Executive to have made ready before the "Word was given," fire"

with great anxiety to hear from you I am sir

J H Campbell

P.S. Congress has red. 10,000 curses from the Volunteers for one provision in the law calling for Volunteers, Viz, allowing 160 acres of land to those soldiers who fell in Battle, it would have been better such a provision had not been in the law at all. Says the soldier "who the devil would turn out to get himself Killed for 160 acres of land many wished every member of Congress had 160 acres of land stuffed up his xxxxxxx instead of receiving 6$ pr. day.




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